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Screaming Females and Jeff The Brotherhood played the NYU Strawberry Festival

The annual NYU event featured free food, carnival games, swag (i gotta free beachball and shades sucka!) and strawberries galore. I think this event was for students and staff but it’s really easy to get into. The event also included a free concert featuring Vocaholics, Hop Along, Little Lungs, Fiasco, Screaming Females and Jeff The Brotherhood. I arrived a little late and missed the bands that played early but I did catch the last couple of songs by Fiasco. Screaming Females played after and guitarist and lead singer, Marissa blew people’s minds with her shredding guitar solos. The band was amazing and they played lots of new stuff and invited a guy dressed like a strawberry to join them on stage. I’ve never seen a stage-diving strawberry…definitely a first for me. Screaming Females had a lot of merch for sale including their newest album, Power Move and Singles EP, both on Don Giovanni Records and highly recommended. Marissa is also a talented artist who does all the artwork on the band’s albums and flyers. You can purchase original art via the band’s blog. Good stuff.
Next up was Jeff The Brotherhood from Nashville, Tennessee. Those two brothers on guitar and drums kicked it up and then some. The crowd definitely got rowdier and a more drunk and scruffier Strawberry made sure of it. The Brotherhood will be back in June with Quintron and Miss Pussycat at a venue near you. Those should be some awesome shows.
I missed the Little Lungs set, but I did pick up their latest “living hell” 7 inch. Little Lungs features Angie (drummer from Cheeky) on guitar and lead vocals. Fans of Lemuria, The Measure and Bridge and Tunnel…check out Little Lungs, you’ll love ’em. Their latest 7″ was released on Salinas Records outta Detroit and features more indie punk from one of my favorites. “estranged” is stuck in my head right now.