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King Con at Brooklyn's Lyceum

Earlier this month, Brooklyn Lyceum’s second annual King Con brought together comic and animation artists, writers and publishers for a fun weekend of exhibitions, panels, signings and workshops. The exhibition floor was filled with super friendly artists selling their latest books, original art, prints and comics. Legendary X-Men writer, Chris Claremont was in the building! I got more sketches for my sketchbook. Check ’em out…some of the ones I got are up at the top and they’re by Nelson Diaz, Gia-Bao Tran, Cynthea Mazur, Becky Hawkins, JT Yost and Nate Bear…all very talented and nice people. I picked up a bunch of books, but right now my favorites are Imaginary Monsters by Peter J. Lazarski and Bear Brains by Nate Bear . Both are real funny comics. I went to a couple panels during the weekend including The Cross Hatch Podcast Live, Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School King Con Edition which featured pinup artist Paige Pumphrey and Hips, Lips Pencil Tips featuring female artists and writers. My favorite panel was Carousel, a live comic reading which featured comic book artists reading from their books while their art work was projected on a screen. It was a real treat to see artists such as Julia Wertz, Emily Flake, Mike Kuperman and R. Sikoryak bring their creations to life and add another dimension to their art by providing voice, sound effects and narration. King Con III is scheduled for Nov 3 -6, 2011. IMG_7484IMG_7505IMG_7496IMG_7503


Sophie Crumb at DCKT

Getting to Sophie Crumb’s opening reception last night was an ordeal to say the least….traffic was a mess in and around the GWB and the tunnels and it took me 2 hours to get to the Bowery from my place in Jersey. Enough of my whining, I made it and it was well worth the wait in rush hour gridlock. Sophie Crumb, the daughter of R. Crumb and Aline Kominsky-Crumb was present at the opening of her debut solo exhibition at the DCKT Contemporary, proudly pointing out her work with a bunch of friends and fans that crowded around her in admiration. The exhibit was comprised of painted portraits, panels of comic book art and watercolor paintings…some depicting celebrities in a warped perspective of reality. When I last saw Sophie 6 years ago, she was selling her Belly Button Comix at the a local Comic Book show called MOCCA. I was floored by her comics and was really excited she was carrying on the tradition of creating crazy Crumb comic books and characters. I saw a lot of her father’s influence in her work at the time. This new solo exhibition proves that as an artist, she is maturing, improving and developing her own style. The exhibition coincides with the release of the book, “Sophie Crumb: Evolution of a Crazy Artist” filled with drawings and art from her younger years to the present. The book also features Sophie’s commentary explaining the art and what inspired it and also her point of view on growing up the daughter of two revered artists while searching to find her own voice.

The exhition will be on view at DCKT Comtemporary, 195 Bowery (at Spring Street) from November 5-December 30, 2010
hours are Tuesday through Friday 11 am – 6pm; Saturday, noon-6pm; Sunday, noon-5pm.

con sketches

Here are some sketches I’ve collected over the years going to comic book conventions. It’s always appreciated when an artist takes the time out to draw a quick sketch! The top row from left to right: Alex Pardee, Gabriell Bell, and Sammy Harkham. Middle row from left to right: Glenn Danzig (lead singer of The Misfits), Futura (graffiti legend), and JoĆ«lle Jones. Bottom row from left to right: Sophie Crumb (Robert Crumb’s daughter), John K. (creator of Ren and Stimpy) and Hellboy by Mike Mignola.

Brooklyn Comics And Graphics Festival

It was a blustery day with constant cold rain and snow coming down, but that didn’t stop fans and artists of underground comics from showing up to the first brooklyn comics and graphics festival on Saturday, December 5. The show was presented by Desert Island and Picturebox and it would be safe to say that their first go at it was a success. The exhibitors were located in a tiny basement of a church on Metropolitan Ave which comprised of about 50 artists and publishers…many legends and talented artists in the house including Charles Burns, Kim Deitch, Gary Panther, Adrian Tomine, Gabrielle Bell, Ron Rege Jr….way too many to name them all. There were lots of things on sale from original art, prints, books, and shirts. Artist conversation programming was located down the street at Secret Project Robot and that was busy and crowded with people as well. A couple of things I picked up at the show: a mini comic and a badass print from Jon Vermilyea (a young and talented dude…his stuff amazes me), an issue of Humanbeing Lawnmower by Avi Spivak (always liked his art on punk rock flyers and now that there’s a zine to buy…gotta get it), Jumbly Junkery by L.Nichols (a girl that just goes by the name “L”…her stuff rocks), Dense Valley by Mika Oshima, Yeah, It is by Leslie Anne Mackenzie Stein (this girl is awesome and the stuff she’s working on will knock yr socks off) and What Happened Was…by Domitille Collardey (a talented female cartoonist..love her work). I got a couple sketches to add to my collection too. It was a fun show and totally inspiring to see such great comic book art.