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zinester's guide to NYC Release Party at Housing Works

The Zinester’s Guide To NYC Release Party was at Housing Works last Thursday and featured live readings by a bunch of contributors, live music and a mini zine fair. The place was packed with people sitting on the floors and stairs checking out zine writers read their contributions to the book published by Microcosm. The audience was also treated to music by the Bushwick Book Club who performed songs inspired by the guide. There was also a live $2 Pyramid Game Show. The mini zine fair was fun too. There were tables of zines and underground homemade comic for sale. There was a guy there from Microcosm Publishing that took a train there from Kansas just for the event. The book is edited by Ayun Halliday who is the author of No Touch Monkey! and the East Village Inky Zine. The book is a jam packed guide to the greatest city in the world. It’s got something for everybody…listings of things to do, tips on biking in nyc, thrift stores, restaurants, bars, theaters, records shops many off the beaten path…every borough is represented. There’s so much in this book that it’s a bit overwhelming, but I love it! It’s kinda like a punk rock Frommer’s or Fodor’s travel book. There’s lots of illustrations by local artists and the whole book is user friendly and really funny. If you think you know all there is to know about New York City, guess again. Pick up this book and you will be surprised.
If you missed the event, there will be others featuring many of the guide’s contributors:
Tuesday, November 30 7:00 – 9:00pm at St. Mark’s Bookshop
31 3rd Ave. NYC and
Sunday, December 5 ยท 7:00pm – 8:30pm at Bluestockings Books
172 Allen Street (between Stanton and Rivington) NYC


Holmography pics

I finally developed a few sample rolls of the 120 film in 4×4 format that I took using my Holga camera on my trip to Hong Kong last April. The Holga is basically a bulky plastic toy camera which was ironically made in Hong Kong in the 1980’s! This beast of a camera takes photos in lo-fi quality & focuses the attention of the beholder in old school fashion. Instead of worrying about megapixels & taking pics like a frantic papparazzi freak with digital access, I focus my attention on the subject at hand to blend myself into their world. This really strips down photography to its basic core which let’s me concentrate on getting the right shot on documenting life as it transforms right in front of me. Also, something of note is that when I whip out the Holga to take pics, people seem to be less intimidated by the camera & therefore, continue with their actions like you’re not there which allows me to take more spontaneous pictures as opposed to a rehearsed shot. The wide lens & lack of zoom on the Holga also makes you get closer to your subject. Notice some of the imperfections of the holga camera with light leaks that lead to some pictures that are overexposed which adds a bit of character to the print. Also, check out the black edging or vignetting on some of these pics. The quirkyness & unpredictability of this camera brings the fun back to photography!
A big shoutout to B&H photo on 34th st. in NYC for not filing my 120 film prints in the round filing cabinet. I dropped off my 3 rolls of film in September & did not pick them up till today! Looks like B&H photo outsources their 120 film developing to Photo Station in Brooklyn & C-Labs in Manhattan.
–Mr. C

B&H Photo – 420 9th Ave. NY, NY
Photo Station – 12 Harrison Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11211
C-Labs 650 Broadway NY,NY bet Bond & Bleeker

Hong Kong 4/09 pics by C

Hello all, just a few sprinkles of pictures that I took when I was in Hong Kong for 1 week in April of 2009. HK is a beautiful city with enormous amounts of energy that I cannot describe. Eating, shopping, drinking, malls upon malls, did I mention eating? are all activities Hong Kong does well! The architecture & skyscrapers in HK really make NY look like an old dwarf. The metro/subway system there is so efficient and clean! Hong Kong is my 2nd favorite city behind the Big Apple!