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THE EYE OF THE STORM: JANE ELLIOTT'S class exercise in 1968


Mr. C has been wanting to share an eye opening exercise that Jane Elliott conducted for her 3rd grade class in Iowa in 1968. This class experiment was commonly known as the brown eyed-blue eyed exercise which was meant to simulate & demonstrate the harshness of our society with the way we mistreat people who look different which was supervised in an elementary school setting by Mrs. Elliott. This class experiment was eventually made into a documentary called “The Eye of the Storm”. It was a daring lesson that would slap the school children in the face with discrimination that they had never experienced before & hopefully, would change their thinking on understanding & appreciating people of different colors, regardless of planet associations, star alignment, & cultures. Some of you martians might have seen this in college during social studies, teacher education, or psych class, but if you haven’t, I recommend taking 30 minutes away from watching that porn to watch this lesson from Jane Elliot from 1968! I first witnessed this brown eyed-blue eyed lesson plan when I showed this film in 16mm format to a psychology class when I worked at the college media center when attending the same college. I ran into it again recently on PBS when perusing through their website & remembered how mind blowing it was. The rediscovery of this study slapped me in the face once again & it was awe inspiring! No matter if it’s in the 1960’s,the new millenium, planetchocko’s stoneage, or the Jetson’s era, everyone can learn from this, & ought to learn from this. Mrs. Elliott & The Eye of the Storm documentary, schools this 3rd grade class in Iowa, the same set of students again 14 years later, & yet again to adults in a mixed environment. TAKE the TIME to watch it on PBS via the web here:
It might change your view of the world & how we treat people if you’ve been living under a rock or been away at Mars like we have for a while.


Remembering BRUCE LEE!

After screening IP MAN 2 at the New York Asian Film Festival, I couldn’t help but reminisce about one of Ip Man’s most famous students, the late great Bruce Lee! I never get tired of watching a then 24 year old Bruce Lee doing an audition/screen test for a role in Green Hornet! He would later land the role of Kato in the Green Hornet Series! You can see his charisma,confidence,speed, & martial art skills were as clear as day even on a foggy morning at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge! Ip man’s teachings helped infect Bruce Lee with some kung fu knowledge that he would later elevate to another level! Coming from a Chinese-American-martian background myself, it’s truly inspirational that a courageous “Little Dragon” named Bruce Lee broke color barriers on different platforms in the 1960’s like auditioning in Hollywood & not giving a rats ass if he was black,green,alien or “oriental”,teaching Kung fu in Oakland & San Francisco to non-chinese, & saying fuck you to the Shaw Brother studios in a time when they expected you to eat the rice they gave you & shut the hell up. It takes quite a stubborn,persistent, & brave mofo to have that type of mojo to pave new groundwork for us mere mortals to walk on! Ip Man planted the seed, & Bruce continues to bloom to this day infecting mutants with his passion & spirit! Check out Bruce Lee’s 8 minute audition with the Green Hornet brass with the video below, thanks to Olerud99!

–Mr. C


Ladies of C-Town with an early Sunday morning workout at Columbus Park

Ladies of C-Town with an early Sunday morning workout at Columbus Park

Recent closings of two well established businesses in Chinatown-NYC most notably Jan Lee’s, Sinotique on 19 Mott Street & Mr. Tang’s, a restaurant on the corner of Mott & Bayard Street has once again reminded us about the day in the life of a small business owner in NYC especially in the lower manhattan area. Probably, a more accurate coined phrase would be a “day in the death of a small business owner”. It does not help that the 9-11 trials for the accused masterminds of the World Trade Center plot will be taking place across the street from Columbus Park in Chinatown with the locals fearing street closures, added armed security presence, & protestors will drive out foot traffic in C-Town. We’ve seen what the closing of Park Row has done to the community.
Sinotique is an asian inspired furniture-home accessories-jewelry dealer & importer that has been in the Chinatown family for decades. The Lee family has been a great supporter & advocate of the lower east chinese side of manhattan for years. Fortunately, the Lee’s have re-invented themselves by moving their base to Brooklyn.
Mr. Tang’s is a restaurant on the busy corner of Mott & Bayard which will be heavily missed. Some notables such as Russell Wong & Jackie Chan have been sighted as customers. Mr. Tang’s has also been a host for photo & movie shoots. The most recent movie that I can remember being filmed there was “Year of the Fish”. Then again , “Year of the Fish” was a cinderella tale based in New York’s Chinatown so they were filming everywhere in C-Town!
Go support your local Chinatown! Chinese New year should be extraordinarily festive this season because it’s the Year of the Tiger in 2010! Mark February 14, 2010 & the following weekend of Feb. 20 & 21st on the calendar to visit Chinatown-NYC! It’s going to be a blast with the Chinese New Year Parade march through Mott Street & the impromptu Lion Dancing throughout the streets by the “organizations” & local Kung Fu Schools in the NYC area! Have some dim sum while you are there! See some dim sum suggestions below…
–Mr. C

Golden Bridge Restaurant
50 Bowery, New York, NY

Jing Fong
18 Elizabeth Street
New York, NY

Golden Unicorn
18 East Broadway
Manhattan, New York, NY

Dim Sum Go Go
5 East Broadway
(between Chatham Sq & St James Pl)
New York, NY