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EL DEBARGE – CD release & performance at J&R MUSIC

EL DEBARGE was live and direct at J&R’s Music world on November 30th for his CD release – in store performance to promote his new album, SECOND CHANCE! Some left EL for dead but, he seems to be back in better spirit than ever from battling his inner demons and run ins with johnny law. With a new inspiration to rediscover himself & a whole new appreciation for life, EL used his voice as the vehicle to reincarnate thyself, hence his inspirational song & album title! El took a second or two to warm up at J&R, but that signature falsetto voice of his reverberated sweet somethings in our ear! He played a song off his new album called HOW CAN YOU LOVE ME which then smoothly transitioned into his oldie breakout ballad “ALL THIS LOVE”. He then performed another oldie “I LIKE IT” before he shutdown his vocals in order to save his chi for that nights performance at Highline Ballroom. EL seemed to be taken back a bit with all the support from his fans that showed up at J&R in midst of the trying times he’s been through for the past 25 years. Some fans requested EL to sing SECOND CHANCE but he mentioned he should stop before he breaks down & shred in tears. His new album showcases his familiar smooth vocals reminiscent of his r&b/pop of the 1980’s & 90’s with some backing from current r&b-hip hop juggernauts like Faith Evans, 50 Cent, & Fabulous. Some catchy tunes from the album include FORMAT with 50 cent, 5 SECONDS featuring Fabulous, LAY WITH YOU featuring Faith Evans, & the tear jerker song, SECOND CHANCE. There’s also a few bonus tracks on the 2nd CD that gets you in the mood for christmas! Get EL’s new album, y’all! It’ll make a nice stocking stuffer for those who love the familiar smooth sounds of Debarge with the killer instinct of THE LAST DRAGON! SHO-NUFF! We gotcha’ back, brutha! AND remember, the ladies love EL!


Chiller Theatre Convention 2010

Toy models of wolverine & the hulk!
Jack Nicholson in the Shining w Freddy lurking in the back

The 5 DEADLY VENOMS & 1 bad ass MOFO with a FRO

Just wanted to share some cool posters that I’ve been stashing away in that tube for quite some time. I finally got some frames to unearth these bad boys! I was smiling from one end of my ‘chi-neez’ jeri curls to the other end of my fu-manchu because I’m able to finally display this beautiful artwork in all it’s kickass glory! Jim Kelly also signed one of my posters at the Chiller Theater convention! Can you dig it?! Find upon you, the 5 DEADLY VENOMS including the Toad, The Scorpion, The Lizard, The Snake, & the Centipede! And I can’t forget one bad azz mofo, Jim Kelly! The artwork is sick! The photos definitely does NOT give it its due justice! The artwork pops & locks in ya’ face in person! You can feel the speed of the Centipede rippin’ up those ceramic plates, the Toad’s extraordinary strength to absorb punishment, the devastating kicks of the Scorpion, the venomous strikes of the Snake, the Lizard scaling the wall like some possessed gecko, & Jim Kelly smashing faces & doing his signature exhale rebel yell when his fists & kicks meet flesh! Much respect, mang to the artist ROBERT O’BRIEN aka “Kung Fu Bob” from Philadelphia. You can find him on the KUNG FU CINEMA COMMUNITY better known as KFC and formerly known as KUNG FU FANDOM!

DAR WILLIAMS at Housing Works Bookstore-Cafe

Dar Williams at Housing Works(pic by Mr. C)
Dar Williams at Housing Works(pic by Mr. C)

DAR WILLIAMS took it back to her acoustic coffee house roots by playing a 5 song set *Free* at HOUSING WORKS BOOKSTORE-CAFE in Soho on Saturday 10/16! More importantly though, her appearance was about showing support for HOUSING WORKS & their mission to fight homelessness & battling AIDS/HIV in NYC. DAR was gracious enough to volunteer at the Cafe serving coffee & playing a casual acoustic set much to the delight of her fans! She ended up playing 5 songs including THE EASY WAY, IOWA, THE BLESSINGS, THE BABYSITTER’s HERE, & a very beautiful song called YOU RISE AND MEET THE DAY! DAR also stayed around to meet & greet her fans after her set before volunteering at the cafe! She happily signed anything you presented to her. She was selling her latest 2 disc CD compilation MANY GREAT COMPANIONS. All proceeds of her CD sales went directly to HOUSING WORKS! If you ladies, martians, & tri-state freaks have never been to Housing Works Bookstore & Cafe, then…you DEFINITELY know what to do! The Bookstore has a great selection of books both new, but mostly used. They also have a good selection of used CDs, vinyls, & comic books. The bookstore also plays host to numerous music, literary, & comedic events. Suzanne Vega will be playing at Housing Works on 11/14 which I’m totally stoked for! The cafe also provides a good brew to satisfy your caffeine needs for the day! In the summer, I often find myself dashing into Housing Works for a nice refreshing iced coffee & some pastries before combing the streets again! ALL workers at HOUSING WORKS BOOKSTORE-CAFE are volunteers. All sales & proceeds of the bookstore cafe go right back into to the Housing Works mission! Remember, HOUSING is a NOT for profit organization. Represent, y’all! This joint bleeds NYC…straightup! One last verse before I go…It’s from Dar Williams’ song THE BABYSITTER’s HERE..”Tonight was just great, she taught us the sign for peace”. Check out a few vids I took from Dar performance below…

Housing Works Bookstore Cafe
FIGHTING AIDS & HOMELESSNESS one book at a time!
126 Crosby Street, New York, NY 10012
Hours: Mon-Fri: 10 AM-9 PM, Sat-Sun: 10 AM-5 PM

KNITTING IS FOR PUSSIES exhibit by Polish artist: OLEK

I went to a really cool exhibit called KNITTING IS FOR PUSSIES at the Christopher Henry Gallery on Elizabeth St. on the outskirts of Chinatown/Little Italy. The Polish Artist OLEK was responsible for bombing a living space with YARN! Literally & figuratively! Even the rug & walls were adorned in yarn! I first caught wind of her yarn encased bicycle chained to a pole in the east village in the summer & wondered who was responsible for this neat creation! Unfortunately, today is the last day of the exhibit at this gallery, but I’m sure she’ll resurface again in the East Village. ALL her work is available for PURCHASE! Without further ado…AND please take your shoes off when entering the exhibit!

Christopher Henry Gallery
127 Elizabeth Street (between broome & grand st)
New York,NY


Tara Mcpherson at NY Comic Con 2010(pic by Mr. C)

Check out TARA McPHERSON’s new solo exhibit called THE BUNNY IN THE MOON from Oct. 23-Nov. 20th!
The opening reception is on Saturday October 23rd from 7pm-9pm at the Jonathan Levine Gallery 529 West 20th St. 9th floor.

Cover me with YARN in NYC!

Just lollygagging around manhatty like I usually do & ran into a few cool subjects embossed in YARN! The volkswagen was parked outside of the Christopher Henry Gallery on Elizabeth Street between Grand & Broome. The yarn bicycle was chained to a street sign on Elizabeth & Broome, a half block away from the volkswagen. And last but, not least the baby yarn bike was on the center island chained to a street sign on the Bowery & Delancey/Kenmare Street intersection! I hope the artist doesn’t have to move the Yarn Volkswagen due to alternate side parking!

After doing a little bit of research, the Polish artist “OLEK” is responsible for these cool yarn creations! Her beautiful pieces of street yarn art is a dog & pony show to promote her new exhibit called KNITTING IS FOR PUSSIES at the Christopher Henry Gallery at 127 Elizabeth Street. Check it out y’all, the exihibit is running till this weekend Oct. 17!


unbreak my….

broadway between 11th & 12th…
The wellington papers (pic by mr. c)

27th Annual Roots of American Music at Lincoln Center 8/1/10

Rod Harrison as Lord Buckley

Rod Harrison as Lord Buckley

Melvin Van Peebles

Melvin Van Peebles

The Pontani Sisters with some burlesque!

The Pontani Sisters with some burlesque!

Steve Cuiffo as Lenny Bruce

Steve Cuiffo as Lenny Bruce

David Johansen (New York Dolls)

David Johansen (New York Dolls)

Sandra Bernhard

Sandra Bernhard

Sandra Bernhard as Lady Gaga

Sandra Bernhard as Lady Gaga

–pics by Mr. C


Naomi Shelton at Peter Cooper Village(pics by Mr. C)
Naomi Shelton at Peter Cooper Village(pics by Mr. C)

Naomi Shelton, a sixties something Alabama native now Brooklyn nubian Queen lit up the platform with her funky soul & raspy vocals on the Stuytown stage in the Peter Cooper Village complexes of lower Manhattan in NYC! Miss Shelton’s mouth was glowing like the “Lopan” character from ‘Big Trouble in Little China’ when she sang! Also,her gold hat & her gold shoes blinged like an angel from heaven! Miss Naomi’s movements on stage were docile but her voice was volatile like an aggressive tigress waiting to prance on the movements of spreading the gospel. This martian had never cracked open the holy bible, but every word that Naomi put forth on the microphone reverberated spirit, hope, love thyself, & your fellow brothers & sisters! Her performance was truly inspirational & uplifting!
Her album, “What have you done, my Brother?” from Indie label, Dap Tone Records is a nitty-gritty, gospel piece of art that pulls no punches & then, slaps you in the face to make you take a cold hard look in the mirror at yourself & your soul! I’m not a man or martian of the church but I’m starting to believe…when I blare Miss Shelton’s music on my boombox hoisted on my shoulder! In all seriousness & before I get struck down with lightning, Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens make some furious soulful music that lingers in your heart & heals many wounds. Her 1st official album, “What have you done, My Brother” with the help of her accomplices, the Gospel Queens is worth an investigation ,interrogation, & investment for yourself! Miss Shelton’s music started to make my hips & legs shift from side to side, my neck started to break out into the snake, my hands started to clap, & then rhythmically I started to add a stomp to that shift! My favorite songs in her album include ‘What have you done’, ‘Lift my burdens’ & Sam Cooke’s ‘A change is gonna come’. Check it, check it out, y’all! By the way, Daptone Records houses two other martian favorites on their label, Sharon Jones & the Dapkings and The Budos Band! Planet Chocko is adding fever to your flavor in your ear, ya heard?

–Mr. C (pics & video courtesy of C from Planetchocko)