John Leguizamo at Best Buy Union Square

John Leguizamo did an instore interview & CD signing at Best Buy Union Square with a host from urban latin radio to discuss his one man broadway act, “Ghetto Klown”. He was also there to promote his new music CD, JOHN LEGUIZAMO Ghetto Klown – MUSIC FROM MY HOOD which is a compilation of latin songs that he & his family grew up listening to. Some of the artists include Willie Colon, La Lupe, Celia Cruz, Fania All Stars, & Ray Barretto. A strong latin contingency showed up at this event or should I say ALL latin crowd besides this one martian in attendance with his C-Town converse all star stance ready to pay homage to this multi-talented NYC product! Leguizamo walked out & gave a big shoutout to all the NUYORICANS in the house before the commencements of small talk began!
I haven’t seen Ghetto Klown on broadway yet, but I have seen two of his other one person acts on broadway, FREAK & SEX-A-HOLIC! His one man broadway show renderings are too, freaking hilarious! All his shows on stage are reenacted stories from his childhood growing up in new york city with his colombian-puerto rican family which provides such a colourful palette of paint on a solid canvas that leads to noodles of laughter! Reading the brief synopsis of Ghetto Klown reveals that this latest project melds all the stories together from the 1960’s in NYC to the current times. The critics say Leguizamo’s impressions of Kurt Russell, Patrick Swayze, & Robert Deniro are spot on! I could almost start cackling & pig snorting thinking about his delivery of these impressions! I can’t wait to check it out before the broadway show closes in July. My favorite films of John Leguizamo includes Hangin with the Homeboys (Johnny), To Wong Foo (chichi), Carlito’s Way (Benny Blanco from the Bronx), Undefeated, & Empire! Leguizamo also made some drug lord cameos on MIAMI VICE! Now, that’s original gangster boogie! Also, do you guys remember a variety comedy show on Fox in the mid 90’s called HOUSE OF BUGGIN’ ?! Leguizamo rocked that jam as well. Man, IN LIVING COLOR and HOUSE OF BUGGIN’ ! Now, these 2 shows describe the 90’s to a tee in my book! It’s blazin hip hop, comedy, & R&B ! Homey don’t play dat! Throw in some grunge music & we’ll have a quadruple threat!

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