Killers on Wheels (1976)

Director: Kuei chih Hung
Producers: Shaw Brothers
Actors: Ling yun, Terry Lau, Danny Lee, Kong San, Eddie Lam

What do you get when you mix in a bunch of motorcycle outlaws, throw in some wild child titty flashing girlfriends, an innocent couple, their sister, & strand them on an island, a boat ride away from hong kong?! Final answer….Killers on Wheels! This chauncey is a Shaw Brother produced film that is full of senseless action, cute chicks, raggamuffins on yamaha motorcycles performing some cool & raw stunts, all encompassed in a mood of terror which leads to desperate acts of vengeance! This is my kind of exploitation film! It all starts out with a bunch of motorized 2 wheeling numbnuts from hong kong that board a ferry to a remote island not too far away from the city for a weekend of fun. With no police or peace officers abound & a total of 10 or so families living in this island, some fun is to be had in the minds of these outlaws. Unfortunately, a young married couple with their sister is also aboard this ferry enroute to a weekend of terror lurking in the background. The fun or the assault starts (depending on your point of view) on the boat when the sister is groped & stroked by the “cream of sum dumb guys”. The cycle gang party hard & party fast while tearing up the local dirt roads & paths with their 2 stroke 250cc Yamahas! Some pretty cool & what looks to be like unrehearsed motorcycle riding is captured on film! A neat road race ensues up a mountain which dislayed some raw riding skills as well as some raw spills, up & down a hill…all for the chance to pick a girl of their choice to sex up for the winner at hand! The innocent couple, the sister, & a guy they meet on the island will soon be joining the journey of fear when they get harassed & assaulted by the thugs because of the two pretty woman in their arms. The gang is relentless in the pursuit of searching for pussy especially when the island has more “sausages than garages” that can be parked in (bad analogy by a martian?). Unfortunately, forcing the hand of rape is in their minds. The two innocent bold men fight a good fight, but the numbers are against them & with no police, no order, no phones, & a ferry that departs once a day at 5pm…what can you do? Some western movies that came to my mind that sparked the same kind of emotions most notably of terror & fear when watching Killers on Wheels include THE WARRIORS, DEATH WISH, HOME ALONE, & the scene with Angela Mao in ENTER THE DRAGON. I wonder who will be the contestants on the ferry ride back to Hong Kong at 5pm? Guess, y’all have to find out! I sensed an absurd social commentary being laid up on the table by the villains at the end of the movie when one of the antagonists said that their kind (outcasts from society, poor, uneducated) are looked down upon from the rich & well to do in Hong Kong which forces them to do un-godly acts! Like what, murder & rape?!!! The protaganist from the film replied by saying something like, you can always protest or file a complaint with the government when you feel like you are being treated unjust from the rest of society. Really?

On another side note, these sizzle chest outcasts were singing a canto-pop song in the movie that was very popular & ran rampant in the late 70’s to 80’s on vinyl & 8 track as I listened to this song being played nonstop by my sisters sporting a beehive hairdo while cruising in their 1978 ford thunderbird in NYC’s chinatown! Unfortunately, I can’t get that tune out of my head now!

All in all, this was a fun, off the wall exploitation film by the Shaw Brothers that needs to be seen especially on a depressing, rainy day as today when I can’t take my two wheeler out to pop a wheelie & do excessive burnouts while terrorizing the streets of my suburban neighborhood! Big shoutout to FuSubs for providing an excellent remastered copy & doing a wonderful job of subbing this joint into english because otherwise this Shaw Brother flick would of been off limits to the ‘engrish’ speaker. I believe the only language that this movie was subbed in was french before FuSubs got a hold of it. Thanks mang, for providing access to this film!

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