Janet Jackson in Hong Kong: Number Ones, Up Close & Personal

Who would figure this martian would fly 8000+ miles from the muthaland to see Janet Jackson perform live in Hong Kong island at the convention center in Wan Chai on valentines day! One word mofo’s, spaceship!
The concert space was in exhibition hall 5bc at the HK convention center which is comparable in terms of size to Hall H at the San Diego Convention center for you comic con geeks out there! The HK convention & exhibition center’s roof structure resembles a turtle shell if you look at the building from a birdseye view. It’s really cool looking!
The crowd at the concert was a mixed bag of asian faces, western gazes, & other martian races doing a two step while twisting their hips from side to side!

Miss Jackson was on her 4th stop in Hong Kong for her 35 city tour of NUMBER ONES: UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL World Tour! The planet chocko chain gang have not seen Janet play live since her rhythm nation tour in 1990 at madison square garden! You can bet I was sporting her rhythm nation tour baseball cap & bandanna like some reject from POETIC JUSTICE. Oddly enough, I couldn’t get tickets for her Radio City Music Hall show in March.
Janet is dedicating a song to each of her 35 city worldwide tour. For hong kong, “IF” was that song. Don’t hurt me now, but I was busting a dirty side to side groove & sporting some RERUN moves from What’s Happening to that one! I don’t remember the exact setlist from that night, but as you can imagine, it was a playlist from all her number one hits. Miss Janet portioned out 3 interludes to accomodate the mood & her outfit changes! After the opening dedication song & video, she romped out to pleasure principle, then to a medley of Control, What Have you done for me lately, & Feedback! The 1st interlude revealed throwback video clips of Janet appearing in the show Good Times, Different Strokes & movies like Poetic Justice, The Nutty Professor, & The Klumps. I’ve read somewhere that they showed clips of her in FAME at the philippines concert which would of been cool seeing her busting a groove, fame style! After the vids, Janet shifted down a gear or two, sat down on her fine rump, & serenaded us to some slow jams which included Nothing, Come Back to Me, Let’s wait awhile, & Again in her beautiful, flowing pink dress! No lie, Miss Jackson sounded great & looked dee-lish! 44 years old, what?! It doesn’t really matter! The 2nd half of the concert started out with my favorite performance and song of the night, DOESN’T REALLY MATTER! She blew up the stage with her dancing, singing, & choreography to that tune! She also belted out another planet chocko fave, Escapade! I remember free floating to that jam on our car ride enroute to the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta! Other songs she played that night incude All for you, Love will never do, That’s the way love goes, Black Cat(included some buck guitar riffs), & Rhythm Nation. The crowd roared when they started to play Michael & Janet Jackson’s collaboration on Scream! Miss Jackson capped off the night to an encore of Make Me, & Together Again! No doubt, Janet can still rock the stage! I will always consider her the queen of pop! Miss Jackson performed well, but I was hoping for a more personable speech or at least banter to greet, & hype up the hong kong crowd! After all, it was valentines day! I guess it was business casual as usual for Miss Janet. Now, what’s that toll free number to ticketmaster again?…Radio City Music Hall!
It looking more & more like craigslist or ebay!

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