Rubix Kube with special guests TIFFANY & DEBBIE GIBSON in NYC

Rubix Kube’s 80’s tribute band with guests Tiffany & Debbie Gibson performed at the Canal Room this past saturday! It was hella fun as I machine gun blasted my fists into the air & alternately twisted my hips from side to side with my arms flailing in unison like courtney cox in Springsteen’s dancing in the dark video! I couldn’t see what Chocko was doing, but my antennas sensed some pretty dynamic movements going on to the side of me! It was a fun night as I instantly flashbacked to my martian teenage years when 1980’s inspired movie images, TV Shows, & music icons were projected onto a screen set in back of the stage while performances were being had.

Images of Back to the future, Karate Kid, Family Ties, Devo, National Lampoon’s vacation, Coming to America, The Goonies, Alf, Smurfs, Care Bears, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, & the likes were constantly being refreshed on the screen! Rubix Kube slowly stepped onto the stage to the music of Kenny Loggins’ FOOTLOOSE like heavyweight prize fighers were getting introduced into a boxing match! RK then played the classic ROCKY Theme music as their opener! I was definitely getting my punching combination scenerios coordinated in my head! The cover band played 80’s hits like Loverboy’s Working for the weekend, Rick Springfield’s Jessies Girl, Walking on sunshine, A-HA’s Take on me, hey Mickey, Devo’s Whip it, Madonna’s Into the groove & Like a virgin, MJ’s Billy Jean, 99 red balloons, Eddie Money’s Take me home tonight, Video Killed the radio star, & some more classics that I can’t quite remember right now.

The 1st special guest to appear on the stage was Tiffany! She looked & sounded great! She sang Could’ve Been & I Think were alone now while busting out a few synchronous dance moves with the rubix kube band members!

Debbie Gibson anchored the set with some major hits of her own like Shake your love, Electric Youth, & Only in my dreams! Gibson also ripped up the dance floor with some throwback dance moves like the roger rabbit, a modified wop, & new kids on the block dance!

The finale was OFF the planet chocko spaceship radar when Debbie Gibson & Tiffany both came out to sing a duet version of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing! It was an epic performance FO SHO! It was a fun time to be had & it was awesome to see that 80’s musac still lives on! Right on! Rubix Kube did a great job playing live 80’s mock up music, but the hairstyles from that era had me thinking, what da bluck were we thinking of?! The big hair, glam rock, waynes world, mullets, chow yun fat, & flock of sea gulls hairdo, what da?! Almost seemed like a circus sideshow act with clowns after a while! Who am I kidding?!….I’m still sporting my David Hasselhoff hairdo as long as I have hair! Peace! Oh, & I hope Chocko is gonna tell his rendition of the performance, too with bonus droppings of some funky funky rhymes wit some funky funky style pics & vid! Chocko-san looked like he was gonna B-Boy battle some crew from alphabet city when the madonna tunes came on! A one-two..A one-two!!!

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