Rock And Roll Reunion #2 at Continental

Continental, located at St. Mark’s Place in New York City closed its doors in 2006 after a long run of hosting live rock shows only to reopen as a trendy bar without live music. It sucked for the music scene in NYC which had already lost some legendary spots to catch live music such as Coney Island High and CBGB. However, last Sunday the rock returned to St. Mark’s Place and all the misfits and cretins including Chocko and Mr. C came out to check out some of the bands that played there in the past. I missed their set, but I heard that Furious George kicked some major ass. Punk Rock! I caught the last song of The Threads set. They sounded awesome and the lead singer looked familiar-Mike fronted the L.E.S. Stitches back in the day and played at the club plenty of times. There were plenty of highlights that night including Bebe Buell (Playboy’s Miss November 1974) who looked and sounded great. Just a little quick fact: She’s Liv Tyler’s mom. Local NYC band, The Bullys also were on the bill and pissed off and ready to start a bar room brawl when their microphones weren’t working. They are badass and their punk songs about fast food, crappy jobs and dating sluts are the best around. The Bullys was started by Johhny Heff back in 1997 who was also a NYC firefighter who lost his life on 9/11. He had an incredible stage presence and you could tell he had a great work ethic and really believed in the band. I e-mailed him one night back in the day with a bunch of questions for an interview for our little ‘zine and the following morning I woke up to his e-mail and the entire interview completed. I’ll never forget that. He was such a cool dude…may he rest in peace. Trigger’s Allstars featured workers from the club and a Bully on guitar who played a bunch of cover songs to get the crowd pumped including some Ramones tunes. Sea Monster played a loud set of drunken punk biker blues and had some of the ladies in a frenzy. One lady took her top off and her big titties were flying all over the place. Amazing. God Bless Sea Monster. The Waldos featuring Walter Lure of The Heartbreakers were also on the bill. Walter has the energy of a man half his age and he definitely put on a great show performing songs such as “Monkey Business” and “Chinese Rocks” a rather saucier version than the slightly tamer Ramones’ version. For me, the reason for going there that night was the CJ Ramone set featuring Daniel Rey on guitar and Michael Stamberg (Eggplant Queens) on drums doing a full Ramones set. CJ donning the Yankees cap played an excellent set which included blitzkrieg bop, judy is a punk, beat on the brat, cretin hop, endless vacation, sheena is a punk rocker, my back pages, pet cemetary, strength to endure, listen to my heart, wart hog, commando, pinhead, i wanna be sedated and r.a.m.o.n.e.s. It was 2:30 AM by the time CJ’s set was done and it was definitely a fun blast from the past. I hope they all do it again next year.

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