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Director: John Woo
Actors: Carter Wong, James Tien, Ji Han Jae
Genre: old skool martial arts

The DRAGON TAMERS is John Woo’s 2nd effort in the directors chair backed by Golden Harvest! No, it’s not a classic hong kong triad shoot em’ up in a church or hospital setting like THE KILLER or HARD BOILED, nor is it a tale of an ex-gang member trying to mend a relationship with his PO-PO brother like in A BETTER TOMORROW. It’s more like an old school fusion of the fighting arts of karate, tae kwan do, & kung fu competing for chopsocky time! The movie starts off with a bunch of kickass chicks from a karate school duking it out with a bunch of switchblade sisters of the Tae Kwan Do influence! One minute they’re in street gear & the next, BLAM…they’re in their repective gi uniforms! In a matter of a second, before anyone can say KIYAA! chicks are karate choppin’, some are joint lockin’, others bitch slappin’, still others cold clocking each other to oblivion! Moments later, other chicas are rolling around in their gi in the mud with tits hanging out, high beaming each other! Word to the mutha, this is my kinda movie! Karate, cute chicks, tits flashing, & rolling in mud! The opening music soundtrack to this fight sequence is also off the wang chung as it reminded me of what SUPERFLY’s RON O’NEAL, JIM BROWN, STEVE MCQUEEN, FRED WILLIAMSON, or bad ass JIM KELLY might walk out to before demolishing their foes! Hell, if that was an appetizer before the meal, then what is the entree? I was hoping for PAM GRIER whoopin’ some country ass while going topless & then getting some ass after the class, but it was a CARTER WONG show. The story unfolds as Carter Wong, a kung fu technician from china (chiner was the english dub translation in the movie!) who takes a trip to Korea to challenge Tae Kwan Do master JI HAN to a friendly match. Carter befriends a young TKD teacher played by James Tien who has a smattering of lady students who were involved in the 1st fight sequence. Wong runs into some trouble when he gets busted up by a Karate clan headed by an evil trio including one cute but twisted SISTA! This bad bad karate group looks to challenge & squash all martial art schools so they can reign supreme as the chosen one! Carter then meets a worthy Tae Kwan Do master named PA MAK to learn “the secret glow” from..Ooops, sorry wrong film…Sho-nuff…The Shogun of Harlem…cough…cough, THE LAST DRAGON! A few circus acts & snacks from the movie include some side bon chon of romance, a scene in a hot tub with the estrogen connection with some more tits bursting out, & the friendly match that turns into a guilt trip! The finale concludes with the kung fu technician teaming up with the young tae kwan do teacher vs the deadly karate kids. Not surprisingly, the end game also involves some tits waving at you from inside a karate gi/uniform! Dragon Tamers was certainly a no frills film with a simplistic story, but it was most certainly very fun to watch! The martial arts choreography was 1st rate especially for an early 1970’s film! The tae kwan do displayed in the movie was very traditional as opposed to the sport style tae kwan do that we all have come to grips with in the current times. You can see some early seeds of John Woo’s work in this film with the panned out camera shots & slow motion sequences coordinated with gangster like dramatical soundtracks that would eventually give birth to A BETTER TOMORROW, THE KILLER, & HARD BOILED! If you aliens can get a hold of this movie, I would definitely suggest a look see!


Vigilante (1983)

directed by William Lustig
starring Robert Forster, Fred Williamson and Willie Colon

This revenge flick from the early 80’s was directed by William Lustig (MANIAC and MANIAC COP) and stars Robert Forster (MEDIUM COOL and JACKIE BROWN) as Eddie Marino, a normal everyday guy and factory worker who gets pushed to the edge after his wife is stabbed and child murdered by a gang of sadistic thugs led by Chico played by Salsa legend, Willie Colon. Fred “The Hammer” Williamson (HELL UP IN HARLEM) plays Eddie’s buddy in the film who leads a group of vigilantes who have had enough of thugs and pimps running the streets and have lost faith in the corrupt system. Fred Williamson has never been better in the role of Nick who vows to take back the streets, chasing down punks and giving them beatdowns. The film was shot in different parts of New York City and my favorite scene is Fred Williamson chasing some low-life drug dealer into an abandoned pool in Brooklyn (McCarren Pool Park in Williamsburg). It’s also interesting to see old NYC landmarks like the Twin Towers in the background.

After Forster’s character, Eddie, loses his cool in a courtroom scene after a judge sets the killer of his child free, Eddie gets thrown in the slammer for thirty days. The gritty prison scenes were all shot at Rikers Island, New York City’s infamous prison complex. Woody Strobe (SPARTACUS) plays a fellow inmate and is in a memorable scene in which he saves Eddie from being a victim of an attack in the shower. Yo, don’t drop the soap! I can only imagine the audiences in the theaters in Times Square in the 80’s totally going crazy when Woody saves the day like John Wayne and knocks out two thugs half his age. A total kick ass scene!

When Eddie gets out of prison, the action picks up as he goes berserk and proceeds on a bloody and brutal rampage, seeking revenge on the suckers responsible for turning his life upside down. The DVD is available on Blue Underground and features an audio commentary with director William Lustig and stars Robert Forster, Fred Williamson and Frank Pesce. If you like revenge movies like DEATH WISH and you enjoy blaxploitation movies and spaghetti westerns, then this exploitation classic is for you.


Director: Wong Kar Wai
Actors: Andy Lau,Maggie Cheung,Jacky Cheung,Alex Man
Genre: Triad, romance, action, violence

AS TEARS GO BY is a classic hong kong triad movie in my books with all the motherloads of stylistic cliches that might have started the trend in HK cinema to begin with! Evidences of slow motion, blurred action, gang violence, romance, canto pop ballads, & canto-remixes of classic american 80’s soundtracks in this case Belinda Carlisle’s TAKE MY BREATH AWAY from TOP GUN reigns supreme in this directorial debut of WONG KAR WAI ! This movie is heavily casted with HK brat pack stars in the making that would make THE BREAKFAST CLUB look like crack addicts! Andy Lau, Maggie Cheung, Jacky Cheung, & Alex Man with the addition of the director himself rocked the movie set like no other!
The story revolves around gangster lean, AH WAH played by Andy Lau & one of his followers named FLY played by Jackie Cheung. Ah Wah is a well respected henchman in this triad who is constantly bailing out his best friend FLY from all sorts of trouble. Whether it’s collecting extortion money, gambling debts, or creating family dissention when organizing his younger brothers’ wedding reception on their apartment building’s roof! Fly literally attracts “triad flies” & trouble has no problem finding him. These triad conflicts are all within the same gang, though. The character development in this film is very fresh, & you get an understanding of the emotional struggles that FLY is going through when he tries to do better for himself, but digs himself deeper in the hole when his mouth proves to be a liability. AH WAH stands by his buddy like BEN E. KING’s song, STAND BY ME for better or for worse with the help of some best friends like the chinese cleaver, ginsu knives, & automatic firearms! Andy Lau does a great job in playing the kickass pretty boy heartthrob which he is known for! In tandem to this soap opera another story brews in parallel, ah wah develops feelings for his cousin played by MAGGIE CHEUNG from lan tau island. Gotta say, Maggie Cheung was a real cutey ‘patooty’ in this film as she melds in front of the camera like a cripsy thin layer of fresh batter incorporated into some general tso’s chicken! Yummy! Maggie also develops some wonton love for her cousin AH WAH as they both rendezvous on lan tau island! With all this yearning & earning for desire, FLY gets into some major trouble with a bad bad character in the same triad played by ALEX MAN! This confrontation will lead up to a finale that will definitely go out in a bang in true Hong Kong cinema fashion! AS TEARS GO BY definitely was a golden piece of chivalry that snowballed WONG KAR WAI to fame! Now, go away so I can play back that old 45 of Belinda Carlisle’s, TAKE MY BREATH AWAY! Ree-Wind!!
New Kids on the Block, move over! Andy Lau & Jacky Cheung on the same movie set?! Game over! Canto-pop forever, mang!

Tiffany & Debbie Gibson played Canal Room

Mr. C pretty much covered it all in the last post. Yes, that was me doing the truffle shuffle in your peripheral vision. A big shoutout to the 80’s Tribute Band, Rubix Kube who played all the hits we all remembered growing up in that crazy decade-a more innocent time before cell phones, mp3s and the internet. They had the crowd singing and shaking their booties all night long. They played a bunch of songs before bringing out the 80’s teen pop queens. Tiffany sounded amazing with a voice that can knock you off your feet. She hit us with a 1-2 punch of her biggest hits “Could’ve Been” and the Tommy James and the Shondells hit that made her famous, “I Think We’re Alone Now.” She was definitely looking fine…I wish she did a couple more songs. Her set was over way too quick. The band played more 80’s songs, then Debbie Gibson came out on stage. Now if you’re wondering what Debbie’s been doing all these years…the answer is situps! She threw me off a bit with her belly shirt and rock hard abs. I guess I was expecting her to come out in ripped acid wash jeans and a varsity jacket wearing one of those “blossom” hats. She perfomed 3 of her hits and complimented the band admitting that they sounded just like the record. She busted out a little acapella before “Only In My Dreams” which is how she used to perform it in the clubs to show the audience that she wasn’t lip syncing. After Rubix Kube played more 80’s tasty delights (it never got tired), the two headliners came out on stage together for the very first time and peformed Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” which brought down the house. Check out the videos below and be sure to check out Debbie Gibson and Tiffany as they star in the SyFy Channel Original Movie: “Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid” Premiering January 29th!

Rubix Kube with special guests TIFFANY & DEBBIE GIBSON in NYC

Rubix Kube’s 80’s tribute band with guests Tiffany & Debbie Gibson performed at the Canal Room this past saturday! It was hella fun as I machine gun blasted my fists into the air & alternately twisted my hips from side to side with my arms flailing in unison like courtney cox in Springsteen’s dancing in the dark video! I couldn’t see what Chocko was doing, but my antennas sensed some pretty dynamic movements going on to the side of me! It was a fun night as I instantly flashbacked to my martian teenage years when 1980’s inspired movie images, TV Shows, & music icons were projected onto a screen set in back of the stage while performances were being had.

Images of Back to the future, Karate Kid, Family Ties, Devo, National Lampoon’s vacation, Coming to America, The Goonies, Alf, Smurfs, Care Bears, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, & the likes were constantly being refreshed on the screen! Rubix Kube slowly stepped onto the stage to the music of Kenny Loggins’ FOOTLOOSE like heavyweight prize fighers were getting introduced into a boxing match! RK then played the classic ROCKY Theme music as their opener! I was definitely getting my punching combination scenerios coordinated in my head! The cover band played 80’s hits like Loverboy’s Working for the weekend, Rick Springfield’s Jessies Girl, Walking on sunshine, A-HA’s Take on me, hey Mickey, Devo’s Whip it, Madonna’s Into the groove & Like a virgin, MJ’s Billy Jean, 99 red balloons, Eddie Money’s Take me home tonight, Video Killed the radio star, & some more classics that I can’t quite remember right now.

The 1st special guest to appear on the stage was Tiffany! She looked & sounded great! She sang Could’ve Been & I Think were alone now while busting out a few synchronous dance moves with the rubix kube band members!

Debbie Gibson anchored the set with some major hits of her own like Shake your love, Electric Youth, & Only in my dreams! Gibson also ripped up the dance floor with some throwback dance moves like the roger rabbit, a modified wop, & new kids on the block dance!

The finale was OFF the planet chocko spaceship radar when Debbie Gibson & Tiffany both came out to sing a duet version of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing! It was an epic performance FO SHO! It was a fun time to be had & it was awesome to see that 80’s musac still lives on! Right on! Rubix Kube did a great job playing live 80’s mock up music, but the hairstyles from that era had me thinking, what da bluck were we thinking of?! The big hair, glam rock, waynes world, mullets, chow yun fat, & flock of sea gulls hairdo, what da?! Almost seemed like a circus sideshow act with clowns after a while! Who am I kidding?!….I’m still sporting my David Hasselhoff hairdo as long as I have hair! Peace! Oh, & I hope Chocko is gonna tell his rendition of the performance, too with bonus droppings of some funky funky rhymes wit some funky funky style pics & vid! Chocko-san looked like he was gonna B-Boy battle some crew from alphabet city when the madonna tunes came on! A one-two..A one-two!!!

Evan Dando and Juliana Hatfield played Maxwell's

The Evan Dando & Juliana Hatfield show rolled into Hoboken, New Jersey last night and played to an enthusiastic soldout crowd. Aly Spaltro a.k.a. Lady Lamb The Beekeeper opened up the night with poetic songs with strong vocals and guitar. She easily quieted down the crowd and had everybody’s full attention during her set which is not an easy thing to do when people don’t really know who you are and there’s a bar in the back with people getting their drink on. She recently won the folk artist of the year award for the Boston Music Awards and I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from her in the near future. The room eventually filled up and everybody moved forward to get a closer look the the night’s headliners. I guess if you don’t know, Evan Dando founded the band, The Lemonheads which was pretty big in the 90’s and put out a bunch of albums including “It’s a Shame About Ray” with catchy alt-rock songs and a cover of “Mrs. Robinson” which got them a lot of attention. The album is a near-perfect pop-rock album and I think one of the best that came out at that time when grunge was all the rage. After about a 6 year hiatus, Evan reformed the band with a new lineup in 2004 and continues to record and play shows. Juliana Hatfield played in a Boston indie band, Blake Babies and after they broke up in 1991 she went solo, recorded a bunch of great albums which produced songs like “my sister” and “spin the bottle.” With all the attention, she sort of became a huge role model to a lot of young girls at the time for her views on issues that concerned young women. What’s interesting is that both Evan and Juliana have performed on each others albums but never toured or performed together until recently. Needless to say, I was pretty psyched for this show. After a short break, Evan and Juliana hopped on stage with their acoustic guitars and sang, taking turns on lead vocals and backing each other up through out the night. A screen behind them was set up and showed videos of driving through city streets and highways which played while they performed. Evan and Juliana looked the same as I remembered them from the 90’s when Lemonheads cassettes played in my car nonstop and at a time when everybody had a crush on Juliana. Anyone remember that “universal heartbeat” video MTV used to play? Oh, yeah she’s still a dream and her voice still sounds super sweet. Evan was rocking long hair again and a scruffy look, sang with his smooth vocals and played all the songs we came out to hear. The set included solo stuff, lots of Lemonheads songs, three Blake Babies songs, a Teenage Fanclub cover and a Gram Parsons song, “$1000 wedding” which Evan performed on a covers album. My only beef was that there was no encore… I guess both of them didn’t feel like playing more at the end of the night (I heard Juliana telling Evan that he could do another if he liked, while putting away her guitar) so they just bolted off the stage. It was a fun night of songs that brought back a lot of great memories. Evan Dando and Juliana Hatfield are a perfect combination and I hope they play again together and come back soon.

all my life (Evan Dando)
butterflies (Juliana Hatfield)
bit part (Lemonheads)
brain damage (Blake Babies)
cells (Teenage Fanclub)
choose drugs (Juliana Hatfield)
down about it (Lemonheads)
what is wrong (Juliana Hatfield)
hospital (Lemonheads)
it’s about time (Lemonheads)
my darling (Juliana Hatfield)
paid to smile (Lemonheads)
rain (Blake Babies)
ride with me (Lemonheads)
it’s a shame about ray (Lemonheads)
somebody’s waiting for me (Juliana Hatfield)
so alone (Juliana Hatfield)
outdoor type (Lemonheads)
$1000 wedding (Gram Parsons)
waiting for heaven (Blake Babies)
drug buddy (Lemonheads)

Rock And Roll Reunion #2 at Continental

Continental, located at St. Mark’s Place in New York City closed its doors in 2006 after a long run of hosting live rock shows only to reopen as a trendy bar without live music. It sucked for the music scene in NYC which had already lost some legendary spots to catch live music such as Coney Island High and CBGB. However, last Sunday the rock returned to St. Mark’s Place and all the misfits and cretins including Chocko and Mr. C came out to check out some of the bands that played there in the past. I missed their set, but I heard that Furious George kicked some major ass. Punk Rock! I caught the last song of The Threads set. They sounded awesome and the lead singer looked familiar-Mike fronted the L.E.S. Stitches back in the day and played at the club plenty of times. There were plenty of highlights that night including Bebe Buell (Playboy’s Miss November 1974) who looked and sounded great. Just a little quick fact: She’s Liv Tyler’s mom. Local NYC band, The Bullys also were on the bill and pissed off and ready to start a bar room brawl when their microphones weren’t working. They are badass and their punk songs about fast food, crappy jobs and dating sluts are the best around. The Bullys was started by Johhny Heff back in 1997 who was also a NYC firefighter who lost his life on 9/11. He had an incredible stage presence and you could tell he had a great work ethic and really believed in the band. I e-mailed him one night back in the day with a bunch of questions for an interview for our little ‘zine and the following morning I woke up to his e-mail and the entire interview completed. I’ll never forget that. He was such a cool dude…may he rest in peace. Trigger’s Allstars featured workers from the club and a Bully on guitar who played a bunch of cover songs to get the crowd pumped including some Ramones tunes. Sea Monster played a loud set of drunken punk biker blues and had some of the ladies in a frenzy. One lady took her top off and her big titties were flying all over the place. Amazing. God Bless Sea Monster. The Waldos featuring Walter Lure of The Heartbreakers were also on the bill. Walter has the energy of a man half his age and he definitely put on a great show performing songs such as “Monkey Business” and “Chinese Rocks” a rather saucier version than the slightly tamer Ramones’ version. For me, the reason for going there that night was the CJ Ramone set featuring Daniel Rey on guitar and Michael Stamberg (Eggplant Queens) on drums doing a full Ramones set. CJ donning the Yankees cap played an excellent set which included blitzkrieg bop, judy is a punk, beat on the brat, cretin hop, endless vacation, sheena is a punk rocker, my back pages, pet cemetary, strength to endure, listen to my heart, wart hog, commando, pinhead, i wanna be sedated and r.a.m.o.n.e.s. It was 2:30 AM by the time CJ’s set was done and it was definitely a fun blast from the past. I hope they all do it again next year.

JIAN GUI aka THE EYE (2002)

Director: The Pang brothers
Actors: Angelica Lee,Lawrence Chou,Chutja Rujinanon
Genre: Horror,drama,thriller

JIAN GUI or GIN GWAI in cantonese is literally translated to “seen a ghost” in chinese. The western masses might know this original chinese film under the name, THE EYE. I’ve heard a few “expert” movie analysts slaughter this film in their reviews, but this E.T. found this ghostly piece to be an entertaining flick! JIAN GUI inspired directors David Moreau & Xavier Palud to remake this movie in 2008 for the rest of the united foreign nations which casted heavy hitter & easy on THE EYE, Jessica Alba!
The Pang brothers did an awesome job of adding nuggets & bon bons to the cinema trail tantalizing the viewer into putting pieces of the movie puzzle together to formulate the story of JIAN GUI! Without divulging too much information, Mun Mun is a blind young lady who lives life to the fullest even with her misfortunes. She excels in playing the violin, & escorts herself throughout hong kong like nobodies business. Mun Mun finally gets her wishes & gets a cornea transplant from a donor that lost her life unexpectedly. A mun slowly readjusts to life when she suddenly gains an added sense that she has been living without almost all of her existence. With all of these added features to the new eyes came a bonus track that suprises her, she can see spirits of the deceased when no one else can. Mun Mun tries to come to grips, but is frustrated that nobody else believes her. She hauntingly sees flashbacks to unfamiliar situations which is driving her paranoid. A mun can also forcast when death looms because she can see dark faded figures appear before lives are whisked away. Luckily, one person is by her side and they both go on a trip to thailand to trace the life of her eye donor. With this information, they unearth the reason behind JIAN GUI!
I really enjoyed the emotional ride of this film! I also found THE EYE with Jessica Alba pretty entertaining as well. There are a few modifications here & there with the western version because certain scenes would probably not translate well to the american audience in the name of religion & customs. Not a spoiler either, but Thailand in JIAN GUI is Mexico in THE EYE. And one last popcorn kernel, the ending of both of these movies are a bit different, but they achieve the same results! Got it?! Now, watch it!


Director: Jackie Chan
Actors: Jackie Chan,Yuen Biao,Shek Kin,Lily Li,Hwang In Shik

This film blew my mind when my alien eyes first laid contact with her on WNEW’s Channel 5 drive in movie in the mid 1980’s! This was Jackie Chan’s 2nd directorial piece & it was truly a GEM in my galaxy! The fighting choreography in all its serious, & slapstick glory was nothing that I have ever seen before during my egg foo young tours. The movie was clearly Jackie’s comedic inspired kung fu flavored ramen oodles of technically sound choreographed action scenes that would make buster keaton clap silently. Don’t get me wrong, the plot of the story cannot hold a candle nor is as elaborate as some of the Shaw Brother pieces, but pound for pound the fight sequences in THE YOUNG MASTER single handedly put this film on my top 20 list of all time in the chi-neez variety! The all star cast included Jackie Chan himself, the grandfather of chinese cinema..drumroll…Shek Kin(other neophytes might know him as Han on Enter the Dragon), Lily Li, Yuen Biao, Lee Hoi San, & the real life Hap Ki Do master himself, HWANG IN SHIK! Master Hwang is one bad ass mofo! He accounted for 75% of what blew my mind when 1st watching this! It’s amazing watching a professional martial artist do his thing with a korean bon chon fling. It was truly art on the screen when watching this hap ki do master perform devastating kicks, joint locks, & punching combinations in some baskin robbins flavor that you have never tasted before. Jackie was very impressive as well. His acrobatic kung fu style is candy to the eyes while the character that he portrays is very playful & harmless, but deadly when provoked. Jackie’s expert handling of weapons like the chinese fan, the bamboo pole, a skirt, a smoking pipe, or basically anything that he lays his hands on is amazing! Yuen Biao added some nice spice to the film by providing some off the yin yang fighting himself. Hong Kong legend, Shek Kin does his thing with a comedic swing, but lets Jackie know that he can get as serious as a heart attack like Mr. Han Man if he has to! The action tid bits that really stood out to me in this film include the opening scene with the lion dance competition, the fight scene between Lily Li in her skirt with Jackie, the Jackie & Yuen Biao fight, the prisoner getaway scene, Shek Kin & Yuen Biao arresting Jackie, Jackie using a skirt to fight the bodyguards, & the final EPIC fight scene between Jackie & Hwang In Shik! Don’t get me wrong, this film isn’t for everybody. The fight sequences are long, there is plenty of humor, & the plot of the film is suspect. But, if you are a martial arts fan, you will undeniably recognize the fine wine associated with this film. Heheehee, this might be the 1st review of a movie to which no mention of a story line was given by the writer. What da, what?! Guess, y’all have to watch the movie yourselves to see what planet chocko sees! Only a true drunken master would understand! The YOUNG MASTER put Jackie on the kung fu map of stardom before THE POLICE STORY movies blew up! Oh by the way, depending on what version of the movie you see, the fight scene at the end with Jackie & Hwang In Shik is about 15 minutes long! Trust me it sounds long, but it’s martial arts at its best shakespearian format! Check it, check it out…y’all!

Dar Williams: Live at the Bell House in Brooklyn

Dar Williams performed at the Bell House in Brooklyn last friday, January 6th! She was originally scheduled to play on the day after Christmas but that show was canceled due to snow AND snow we got, almost 2 feet worth! It was definitely a bummer because I wanted to catch her perform while everyone was in a festive, joyful mood! Nevertheless, it’s always a treat to watch her live! The performance space reminded me of a large barnyard stable with a cowboy rustic feel mixed in with modern commercial ductwork draped on the ceiling, a large buffalo or bull artwork hanging (I failed at identifying all the animals correctly in Noah’s ark in elementary school), exposed rafters, & monster chandeliers suspended from the heavens. The setup, configuration of the stage, & sound were pretty darn pleasing to the eyes & ears. Dar Williams’ voice sounded crisp & her rhythmic guitar playing were spot on as she hit all her chords with ninja precision! She was funny as all hell like usual as she introduced some of the songs before she played them. For instance, she mentioned the real inspiration to her song, TEEN FOR GOD…the cute boys in church during her adolescent years! She had also talked about how freaky it was when she was starting to break out in the music business around the same time that Kurt Cobain had died. Dar & Kurt shared the same birth year, 1967. It definitely was a reality check for her, although she mentioned that her lifestyle was completely different from Cobain’s of course. Dar also reminisced about the time when her management team approached her to ask if she was interested in opening up for ANI DiFranco. She was like hells yeah!
She gave some more background info to her song, BUZZER which is about a social psychological experiment commonly known as the milgram experiment. This experiment was conducted in 1963 to measure how much pain a person would inflict on another person if ordered to. Now, I get the song! “I press the buzzer…I press the buzzer!”.
Dar played a song that she does every so often called AGING WELL. It’s a tune about body image, self discovery, & maturity. Joan Baez had covered this original Dar Williams song quite a number of times. You can check out this exclusive tune above from her performance at the Bell House! (lighting was dark but the audio was good!)
She played a new song called THIS EARTH ( I think that’s the name of the song). My faves of the night included AFTER ALL, FEBRUARY, AGING WELL, IOWA, TEEN FOR GOD, & MIDNIGHT RADIO, a cover from Stephen Trask. Dar also played an inspirational song called THE HUDSON to pay homage to the Tri state area (Connecticut,New York, & New Jersey)! She ended the night with a softer tempo flow of the BABYSITTER’s HERE! Another good night, another entertaining performance by Dar Williams. GOODBYE!
OHhh, and check out Dar’s GREEN BLOG on the Huffington Post at:

Set List
Spring Street
Easy Way
Beauty of the Rain
Teen for God
If I wrote you
Tide falls away
aging well
this earth
After All
cool as i am
Mercy of the Fallen
Midnight Radio
The Hudson
babysitters here