Director: Wong Hung Cheung
Actors: Wong Ping, Charlie Chin Chiang Lin, Jack Long

This movie was an unofficial sequel to the famed BOXER FROM SHANTUNG that was released by Shaw Brother Studios. HEROINE SUSAN: SISTER OF THE BOXER FROM SHANTUNG was directed by Wong Hung Cheung & produced by a film company from Taiwan. It stars kickass chick Wong Ping, Charlie Chin Chiang Lin, & old school fave actor of many wutang kung fu cult fans: Jack Long. Wong Ping plays Ma Su Chen, the sister of Ma Yong Cheng who was ambushed & killed by the Axe Gang from Shanghai in the 1st movie, Boxer from Shantung. Charlie Chin plays a devout friend of Ma Yong Cheng looking to seek blood in honor of his friend. Charlie Chin was famous for playing comedic roles in Jackie Chan movies like “Twinkle Twinkle Luck Stars”, “My Lucky Stars”, & “Winners and Sinners” amongst his vast filmography. He was often cast as a smooth talking ladies man , I’m a “lover not a fighter” type of character. To my amazement, this 1973 directed film displayed Charlie Chin as a serious brotherman with extraordinary kung fu mojo who swats the bad guys around like some dirty lint on your triple fat goose down jacket. Wong Ping shows why she might give Angela Mao Ying a dirty cat fight if they ever tangoed fist to fist. Jack Long who is famous for playing movie roles opposite of the Ghost-Faced Killer(Mark Long) is the Japanese Samurai hired by the Axe Gang in order to erradicate Ma Su Cheng & Charlie Chin’s character since the gang proves no match for this blood thirsty duo of the chinese version of the “six million dollar man” & “bionic woman” of kung fu proportions! Revenge for Ma Yong Cheng is the main bullet point of this movie as the Tan Gang & the Sister of the Boxer from Shantung team up to issue a can of chopsocky whoopass on anything named AXE GANG! The fighting choreography was pretty crisp considering the basher style mentality during that era. Charlie Chin surprised the hell out of me with his flying jump kicks & throwdowns with the gang! I’m accustomed to Chin playing characters that sweet talk the chics into his love shack while Jackie Chan shows his action muscles! The fight scene in the casino was one of the highlights of the film as was the fight at the Teahouse with the Japanese killers at the end with Jack Long. With all these axes, & empty handed fists/kicks of mass destruction flying around, it still comes down to a tale of the firearm that would determine the victor!

Big ups to “FU-Subs” who are a conglomerate of all stars from the Kung Fu Cinema forum that provide us fans with rare movies that are hard to find. FUsubs translates the movies into english subtitles & restores the movie for our viewing pleasures!

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