So, there I was diggin’ in da crates at the WFMU record fair, when all of a sudden this band starts playing songs about booze, weed all sorts of crazy stuff. I dropped my stack of vinyl and checked out the two pretty ladies banging out punk tunes on a guitar and drums and was blown away. Their music was fast (some tunes lasted less than a minute!) and they were both funny and smart. I was hooked. The band’s name is Butts and they’re from Seattle, Washington. Rachel is on the guitars, Shannon plays the drums. Their music will make you rock out, laugh out loud and pee your pants. I’m now a huge fan. You should be too!

How did you two meet each other and form the band?
Rachel: We’ve been friends for years. I was a fan of Shannon’s first band Dalmatians, and then our other bands Katharine Hepburn’s Voice (KHV) and Partman Parthorse had played a bunch of shows together. Butts formed at about 3am in Sept of 2009 after 37 beers.
Shannon:…And probably a bunch of marijuana.

Who came up for the name for the band and why Butts?
Rachel: Butts is what we sound like. But I can’t remember who came up with it
Shannon: I came up with it at band practice one day. We both looked at each other like, “We shouldn’t.” But we did. Maybe all those beers helped Rachel forget this happening.

How would you describe the music you play?
Rachel: post comedy.
Shannon: Punk Abbott and Costello

Were you both in bands before Butts?
Rachel: Yes, see answer #1
Shannon: Our other band-names are unparalleled. Between the two of us we have Dalmatians, Partman Parthorse, and Katharine Hepburn’s Voice. Now Butts. At age 30.

I think you girls are really funny and I was wondering if either of you had a background in comedy or acting?
Rachel: No, but I played a tree in Little Red Riding Hood in kindergarten. I didn’t have any lines.
Shannon: Rach, I didn’t know that about you! I played a Mother Goose impostor in 4th grade… I think being funny is (almost) the most important thing.

How is the music scene over by you?
Rachel: Really great. Lots of creative stuff going on, and tons of amazing bands.
Shannon: Seriously! Seattle’s been really cool the last few years. My favorite new band in Seattle is Wet Paint DMM. Every time I see them I compulsively tell their lead singer, Jamey Braden, that they are the best. They do some crazy, awesome, arty shit. Can I say “shit”? Also, the Flexions rule. I’m trying to get them to let me be in their band, even though they don’t need me.

What do you like doing when you’re not playing music?
Rachel: Cook weird foods, work on The Seattle Band Map Project and make JokeBot Podcasts
Shannon: I’m in the process of painting 50 or so watercolor portraits of people I love and respect from Seattle’s music and creative community. I just started painting, and it rules. I plan to paint from now on. Like, for a job, so if any of you want to commission a portrait, get in touch with me. I’m way better at painting than drums! I love playing drums though.

What are some of your favorite bands at the moment?
Rachel: Devo, Ty Segall, SPURM, Grave Babies, Wire, Consignment, Ovens, Shannon and the Clams, Hobocop,The Kinks, The Intelligence, Guantanemo Baywatch
Shannon: Rachel is good at staying abreast of newer music. (Actually, I just wanted to say “Rachel” near a word containing “breast”.) Wet Paint, as I mentioned, rules. As far as newer stuff goes, I’m pretty mainstream, like Ariel Pink, The Dirty Projectors, The Oh Sees, Kurt Vile, Beach House, Animal Collective, etc. I like a little bit of everything, though. I have a ton of old music, like Mississippi John Hurt, and a lot of old rocksteady.Yes, and Ty Segall rules. And Hobocop… Hobocop should be famous.

Favorite alcoholic beverage?
Rachel: Butts Soda
Shannon: I probably spent a year or more each with red wine, dirty Grey Goose Martinis, Friexinet champagne, chardonnay, whiskey, and then I went straight to Ranier tall-boys. I haven’t drank in 2 1/2 months. Not sure if I’m done with it for good, but for now, I’m loving not drinking. I love marijuana and cigarettes, so if you could make a rad drink out of that, I’d probably drink it. Or O’Douls.

Where are some places you like to hang out in Seattle? (we promise not to stalk you!)
Rachel: Cairo art gallery and The Funhouse for shows, Than Bros Pho for food and Cal Anderson Park for public drinking
Shannon: Rachel’s right about all of those. My bedroom is probably the best, though. I frequently have guests over for indoor BB-gun target practice, and I smoke cigarettes in my room, which hardly ever loses its novelty. I think if I’m not at my house, I’m probably at the Funhouse or Cairo. But I’m probably at my house, painting.

How’s the touring and shows been lately?
Rachel: Great. We just played a 6 year old’s birthday party. There was a Darth Vader pinata and a Butts cake. We may have just peaked as a band.
Shannon: Yeah. It’s all downhill from there.

Any plans to record more music?
Rachel: Just released Butts: Number 2 on ggnzla RECORDS and we have a 7″ brewing.
Shannon: It’s called “Number Two” because it’s our second album. We sat down and focused on what we wanted Butts to make. It took some work, but we made Number Two.

When are you coming back to NYC and the East Coast?
Rachel: Not soon enough!
Shannon: I love New York, and can’t wait to go back. Last time we were there I met a hot babe named Jon. I’ve since convinced him to move to Seattle and be my boyfriend. He arrives in Seattle in January. The Butts shows were awesome too!

Any closing comments?
Rachel: We’re on the internet. Visit us at www.buttsontheinternet.com.
Shannon: I love my mom! (Hi, mom!)

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