Exit Through The Gift Shop

Directed by Banksy
Edited by Tom Fulford and Chris King
Produced by Holly Cushing, Jamie D’Cruz and James Gay-Rees
Narrator Rhys Ifans

The film starts by introducing Thierry Guetta, a crazy French dude who emigrated to Los Angeles in the 80’s and owned a vintage clothing shop. He carried a video camera everywhere he went and filmed everything. While on a vacation in France, Thierry films his cousin, Space Invader, an artist who made space invader mosaics. He develops an obsession to document Invader and his artist friends as they spray paint and sticker bomb the city at night. Back in L.A., Thierry eventually meets Shepard Fairey and other major players in the new underground graffiti movement known as street art, tagging along with them in the alleys and on top of buildings and billboards. He was filming everyone in the scene….Swoon, Neckface, Buffmonster. He documented so many artists but the elusive British stencil artist named Banksy was the one subject he wanted and needed to film. Thierry pretty much gave up, but fate was on his side and after a chance encounter in Los Angeles, he gains the trust of the secretive Banksy and they become friends. Worlds collide, Banksy turns the tables on the amateur film-maker, and the absurdity that happens next will surprise you.
The movie is an excellent observation of the world of art. It will make you laugh and it’s full of unexpected twists and turns. The DVD is out on Oscilloscope Laboratories and contains special features including a short film about the ‘art’ of Banksy and an edited version of Thierry’s unwatchable and insane street art documentary titled, “Life Remote Control.” The eco-friendly packaging looks great and it comes with some stickers and postcards featuring art from the film. Check it out!

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