Director: Benny Chan
Producer: Johnny To
Actors: Andy Lau, Tommy Wong

A MOMENT OF ROMANCE is a classic 1990’s triad film entangled with a dash of romance. It stars the Brad Pitt of Hong Kong, ANDY LAU TAK WAH. Andy plays a cool hand luke triad member who loves the need for speed on his crotch rocket. The chinese Rob Lowe & his triad members find themselves in the middle of jewelry heist when getting away from the HK five-0 proves to be eventful. The brad pitt of HK has to kidnap a 17 year old rich girl in order to make his getaway. The other triad members take wind & they want the girl to be killed for fear of identifying them to the police. Morality gets the better of Brad Pitt when he stands by her innocent lady which adds fuel to the fire of his fellow gang members. An internal gang war erupts when powers start to shift sides. The preferred format for murder is through machete like ginsu knives with a hint of puerto rican flow. Lives are lost & a romance starts to brew as the theme of revenge starts to stew, too! Classic slow motion & canto-pop rule the scene of this triad infested flick! Who can resist Andy Lau riding his crotch rocket in a white tuxedo with his lady in the back with a bridal dress riding with no helmet of course! The ending is classic Hong Kong cinema! Pay respects to A MOMENT OF ROMANCE as this paved the niche for other HK triad movies in the 1990’s, including the YOUNG AND DANGEROUS movie series! Canto-pop, anyone?

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