OUTCAST at the NYC Horror Film Festival

I caught program 6 feature film: OUTCAST at the NYC Horror Film festival playing at the Tribeca Cinemas some weeks ago. It was the only movie that I tasted from the horror film fest, but it certainly did pack a punch! Up first as an appetizer before the main course were a bunch of entertaining shorts that ranged from a bunch of deranged dancing zombies taking over a city looking to convert mere mortals to danceaholics (Choreomania), to a child killing their parents (Beating Hearts), to a cheating husband-vengeful wife who turns into a vampire after getting slaughtered (Now that you’re dead), to zombies taking over a city looking for human flesh (Dead Run), to a vampire waiting for the morning sun to hit his flesh before getting interrupted (The Long Night).

I didn’t know what to expect with OUTCAST as the synopsis involved a beast, some celtic sorcery, Scotland, & some witches hunting witches. As it turns out, it was like an old school chinese-polynesian restaurant. You take one from column A, one from column B, one from column C, & it still comes with a free drink involving a miniature umbrella on top. OUTCAST pleasantly surprised me as it was a mashup of a teenage romance, horror, & a monster movie all rolled into one! The main characters include a powerful Celtic family on the run, Mary the mom, & Fergal the teenage son. They are being chased down by two celtic lords named Cathal & Liam who look to destroy the potentially powerful son, Fergal. Mary is one crazy lady of the night as she conducts rituals & paints celtic symbols on the walls of her apartment to block the 6th sense of her rabbid hunters in order to locate them. With all the boombastic celtic rituals being performed, there is a teenage romance being brewed between Fergal & his neighbor Petronella. Petronella is also going through some trying times taking care of her handicapped brother & alcoholic mother. The setting of the movie takes place in Edinburgh, Scotland in some low income housing projects. The mood of the film is very quiet, eery, dark, & mysterious! And don’t forget about the Beast, y’all! I don’t recall the name of the actors , but the characters of Mary and Cathal give strong performances that can’t be missed! They both are passionately possessed in all aspects of the word! Check this movie out if it ever gets released in US theaters!

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