Director: Chang Cheh
Shaw Brother Studios
Actors: Chan Goon Tai, David Chiang

The Boxer from Shantung aka Killer from Shantung was aired on WNEW’s Channel 5 in the NYC area originally on 7/31/1982 . It’s a classic early 1970’s basher style kung fu piece as opposed to clean riptide style kung fu as we know it today. One of my favorite shaw brother studio actor’s, Chan Goon Tai plays a righteous country bumpkin with deadly kung fu skills who migrates to Shanghai to make a better living. Unfortunately, trouble finds Chan when his morality attracts a few gangs in a middle of a turf war. He also finds himself challenging a Russian fighter that looks like “Iron Mike Sharp” from the WWF to make $20. David Chiang appears on the scene as an aristocratic gang leader who gets a taste of Chan’s ‘big country style’ power! They both gain mutual respect for each other after this encounter. Chan’s character vows to be as successful as Chiang. Badass mofos get what they wish for! With this ambitious attitude, he finds himself transforming himself from that good ol’ country boy to this righteous gang leader. Yes, as righteous as a gang can get which is an oxymoron. Chan Goon Tai finds himself reverting back to his country pride when gang wars erupt. There’s an awesome final battle that y’all can’t miss! It’s bloody, it’s brutal, & it’s at the Teahouse! Chan Goon Tai at his savage best! I love Chang Cheh’s camera work with his closeup shots when brutality stares the villain & the protagonist in the face! This is definitely a Shaw Classic!

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