Allison Weiss and Lauren Zettler at the Pumpkin Jam

A couple weeks ago, on a blustery Halloween day (seems so long ago) Allison Weiss and Lauren Zettler played their second annual Pumpkin Jam in Washington Square Park. They are two lovely and talented singer/songwriters who live in NYC. Allison was dressed as “Allison W.K.” complete with a bloody white t-shirt. ewwww! Lauren was dressed as Allison in a red hoodie, glasses and a 100% tattoo. She was a spittin’ image. They played for a crowd under the Arch and we were treated to nearly an hour of songs and free candy. I picked up Lauren’s latest CD, titled “On Your Back Porch” which featured 7 great songs….my favorite is the catchy, and fun “shapes.” Allison had her latest for sale as well and that’s titled, “Allison Weiss Was Right All Along” and features 10 tracks which range from pop songs that rock “fingers crossed” and sad songs like “why bother” that will have you crying and curled up in the fetal position under a table. Check out the video below…it’s a fun cover of a song by a certain teen pop superstar.

IMG_7487 be sure to check out their websites for more info and merch

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