The 5 DEADLY VENOMS & 1 bad ass MOFO with a FRO

Just wanted to share some cool posters that I’ve been stashing away in that tube for quite some time. I finally got some frames to unearth these bad boys! I was smiling from one end of my ‘chi-neez’ jeri curls to the other end of my fu-manchu because I’m able to finally display this beautiful artwork in all it’s kickass glory! Jim Kelly also signed one of my posters at the Chiller Theater convention! Can you dig it?! Find upon you, the 5 DEADLY VENOMS including the Toad, The Scorpion, The Lizard, The Snake, & the Centipede! And I can’t forget one bad azz mofo, Jim Kelly! The artwork is sick! The photos definitely does NOT give it its due justice! The artwork pops & locks in ya’ face in person! You can feel the speed of the Centipede rippin’ up those ceramic plates, the Toad’s extraordinary strength to absorb punishment, the devastating kicks of the Scorpion, the venomous strikes of the Snake, the Lizard scaling the wall like some possessed gecko, & Jim Kelly smashing faces & doing his signature exhale rebel yell when his fists & kicks meet flesh! Much respect, mang to the artist ROBERT O’BRIEN aka “Kung Fu Bob” from Philadelphia. You can find him on the KUNG FU CINEMA COMMUNITY better known as KFC and formerly known as KUNG FU FANDOM!

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