THE STORY OF RICKY aka RIKI OH starring Louis Fan Siu Wong always manages to find its way off my dusty shelves usually during Halloween time to get some tube play! The Story of Ricky is one of Hong Kong’s best gory superhero kung fu films that is SO, SO BAD which makes it SO, SO GOOD! The script is horrible & the effects look ridiculous most of the times. The characters in the movie comprise of a compilation of HK’s rendition of a cyclops version of boss hog from the Dukes of Hazzard with a captain hook accessory, a heavily tattooed triad leader from a Chow Yun Fat movie, some rejects from Big Trouble in Little China, & a gay chinese version of a villain from Superman. Despite the bad selling points in my description of this film, this movie remains one of my favorite & most entertaining HK films in my database! The Story of Ricky is based on a Japanese Anime called Rikki O who has extraordinary kung fu powers! I think I reviewed this movie a decade ago in the print version of PLANET CHOCKO , but you online martian geeks will get another dose of this grotesque badass flick! Without divulging too much, this film is about Ricky played by Fan Siu Wong(awesome martial artist in real life) who is incarcerated for manslaughter in the confines of this prison of horror with a corrupt warden and assistants. This jail is kept in check with the likes of a captain hook inspired boss hog with one eye, & his band of badazz trailer trash inmates including a meathead triad member, a sumo looking monster, & the “gang of four”, including the gay version of a villain from crypton, & a chinese tarzan. What these bad guys don’t know & will soon come to find out is that Ricky is one badass mofo himself with superhuman powers. Riki Oh is a master of kung fu & chi gung. He can basically punch through anything in his way…anything! Ricky battles his way through the prison in the name of justice! Yes, I know that sounds contradicting! But, inmates have rights, too! The end of the movie involves a meat grinder & some poppy seeds, say what?! Louis Fan Siu Wong does a great job in performing the martial art sequences for his character RICKY because he is a tremendous martial artist in real life with a great physique & screen presence! THE STORY OF RICKY was one of the breakthrough movies for Fan Siu Wong in 1991. Most of you should be familiar with Wong’s other films like Supercop 2, IP Man 1 & 2, & Kung Fu Chefs amongst many others. If y’all haven’t laid your 3rd eye on this movie yet, then what the bluck are you waiting for? How can you not like a movie that has a villain who kills himself & then pulls out his own intestine to try to choke RICKY with?

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