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Big Eyes played Knitting Factory

After Cheeky broke up, it’s damn good to see Kate back in a band and rocking a stage. The new band is called Big Eyes and features Kate Eldridge on guitar and vocals, Mark Bronzino (Seasick and ANS) on the bass and C.J. Frederick (Used Kids) on the drums. Killer sound…punk, rock a tad bit of garage. They sound sorta like the Muffs, so if you’re a fan of that band and that pop punk genre, this is the band for you. I caught one of their shows at Silent Barn and they rocked and a more recent show at Knitting Factory (Sept. 15) with Screaming Females and Shellshag. They sounded even better than I remembered…Kate sounded amazing, C.J. solid on the kit and Mark looked like his head was going to snap off with all that headbanging. Right now, they have a CD-R and a 7″ that features 4 brand spanking new songs: Prefer To Be Alone, Since You Left, You Ain’t The Only One and All Alone. The 7″ is on Evil Weevil Records and for all you collector’s, get this…only 400 black vinyl and 100 white. But, you can only get the white vinyl online! For more info, check them out on myspace, facebook or twitter. They’ve got a ton of shows coming up, so check your local listings and show your support by checking out Big Eyes at a venue near you.



Lucy Kaplansky at Ringwood library (pics by Mr. C)
Lucy Kaplansky at Ringwood library (pics by Mr. C)
Lucy Kaplansky’s performance at the Ringwood Library in Ringwood,NJ on football sunday & on the last weekend of indian summer on 9/19/10 was entertaining & spectacular to say the least! First off, the Ringwood Library is encompassed in the Dr. Doolittle surroundings of the forest with happy chipmunks, inquisitive coyotes, & cheery bambi’s lulling around with the Wanaque river not too far away. I wouldn’t be surprised if black bears were lurking around somewhere in the vicinity. The library venue seems to be a perfect playground for music lovers with all its earthy glory & organic appeal! It’s always a pleasure to catch Lucy folk out at one of her live acoustic shows because all of her performances are very intimate & she always gives 100% of emotion when performing. Because of her songs & lyrics, it seems like we, her fans are familiar with her entire family including her mother, father, molly(adopted daughter), & her husband. Her stories of her mathematician father with great piano playing abilities to her talented song writing husband to her nurturing mother to her beautiful daughter, Molly who was adopted from China. All of Lucy’s performances are all so personal & we, as her music fans really appreciate her passion & sincerity! By the way, it was a family affair at the Ringwood Library concert as Lucy’s husband & daughter were on hand to run the merch table! Molly helped with unwrapping her mom’s CD so that she can sign them! Nice assembly line! Molly signed CD’s, as well! It was a gorgeous sunday afternoon of pleasant folk music to my ears before the New York Jets clashed with the New England Patriots at the Meadowlands which the JETS went on to eventually shock them! Lucy’s 19 song set list included a beautiful folk song from Scotland(got to get the name of it)<—-(Edit…Lucy Kaplansky tweeted me back…name of the song is 'Loch Lomond'), Manhattan Moon, Lifethreads, ten year night, Mothers day, Beauty Way(Eliza Gilkyson), Written on the back of his hand, Sanctuary(Eliza Gilkyson), Brooklyn Train(…on piano), Ring of Fire(Johnny Cash), Don’t Mind me, Blue Chalk(John Gorka), Land of the living(dedication to 9-11) on her Red Thread album, Hallelujah(Leonard Cohen), Song about Pi, & This is Home. She also performed John Lennon’s “imagine” by request of the audience. Lucy played Imagine for the very 1st time, & I think she did a pretty darn good job adding her signature folk stamp on it! Someone even googled the lyrics on an iPad so that she can reference it! Bring it, Steve Jobs & the baby boomers! Lucy rocked out with her encore performance of Bruce Springsteen’s, Thunder Road! It was Thunderous, indeed with a folk twist to it! Folks, no pun intended…Go out and purchase Lucy’s new album, a collaboration with John Gorka & Eliza Gilkyson called RED HORSE! It’s a nut buster of a folk cover album with each artist doing 4 tracks including an original song of their own, two original songs from the other 2 artists, & one cover tune that is mutually exclusive from the trio of RED HORSE! For example, Lucy Kaplansky performed 4 songs: The 1st was “Scorpion”, a song of her own, 2nd was “Sanctuary”(Eliza Gilkyson), 3rd- “Blue Chalk”(John Gorka), & the fourth song was “Wayfaring Stranger”, a well know spiritual folk song from unknown origins, maybe from the 1940’s? Get the RED HORSE album y’all & make sure to get Molly’s signature on one of her mom’s album! She’s an aspiring artist! Molly loves the Beatles & thinks that she is RINGO!


gang master

Gang Master, a Shaw brother produced film released in 1982 directed by Chui Siu Ming is one of my top 20 Shaw movies of all time! It’s a costume-period piece epic film & not a modern triad street gang induced flick as the title might indicate. The “Dragon Gang” is an organization created by the Han Chinese rebels in the sole efforts to revolt against the Yuan Dynasty & Mongolian rule. Austin Wai Tin-Chi plays the lead role & is elected to succeed his slain father as the leader of the dragon gang. All seems cheery as a spring roll until Austin Wai gets framed as the culprit who is murdering fellow clan members. The truth also comes out that austin wai’s character may not have been a pure Han Chinese & persecution follows. What’s wicked about this film is that CHAN KOON TAI (one of my fave shaw brother actors) plays a mongolian villain & leader of the Yuan Dynasty clan with one goal in mind, eradicate chinese rebels. Another twist in the wrist in the story is that there is a mole in the dragon gang that is co-conspiring with the mongolian leader & causing chaos within the dragon triad. AUSTIN WAI is fighting for his life & his innocence in these accusations against him. There is also an added sidebar involving an EAGLE & AUSTIN WAI that opens up another can of worms in the film! Another Planet Chocko fave actor, Little Dragon Bruce Leung is also in the movie playing a kung fu fighting machine in the brotherhood! Bruce’s fighting sequence with the rope dart is off the chain gang! The action in GANG MASTER is fast & furious with lots of symbolism in triads & secret hand gestures to authenticate thyself! The fight scenes seemed to have been sped up a tad from the editing but, rest assured the cast of characters can all bust a move! The action sequences filmed in birdseye & panned out views definitely added some mass appeal to the scenes as well! Do yourself some justice & pickup some cheery spring rolls & a copy of Gang Master & go gang busters on it! No doubt, son! If you end up liking the wares of Austin Wai then I highly recommend another classic shaw movie, “FIVE SUPERFIGHTERS” , Ya’ Dig!

toronto graffiti


Metric played Juicy Couture NYC

Metric performed last night at Juicy Couture in Manhattan during Fashion’s Night Out. It was a fancy event with fashionistas, divas, and wannabes in attendance and pretty much taking over all of Fifth Ave. Metric performed as a two piece with Emily Haines providing the lead vocals and Jimmy Shaw on the guitar. Emily and Jimmy rocked the small and intimate crowd at the Juicy Couture store on Fifth Ave. with a short but sweet acoustic set. Metric played 3 songs from their recent album titled “Fantasies.” They started with “gimme sympathy”, then Emily played the piano for “twilight galaxy” and “help I’m alive.” I was surprised by The Strokes cover of “the end has no end” which they ended their set with.

THE EYE OF THE STORM: JANE ELLIOTT'S class exercise in 1968


Mr. C has been wanting to share an eye opening exercise that Jane Elliott conducted for her 3rd grade class in Iowa in 1968. This class experiment was commonly known as the brown eyed-blue eyed exercise which was meant to simulate & demonstrate the harshness of our society with the way we mistreat people who look different which was supervised in an elementary school setting by Mrs. Elliott. This class experiment was eventually made into a documentary called “The Eye of the Storm”. It was a daring lesson that would slap the school children in the face with discrimination that they had never experienced before & hopefully, would change their thinking on understanding & appreciating people of different colors, regardless of planet associations, star alignment, & cultures. Some of you martians might have seen this in college during social studies, teacher education, or psych class, but if you haven’t, I recommend taking 30 minutes away from watching that porn to watch this lesson from Jane Elliot from 1968! I first witnessed this brown eyed-blue eyed lesson plan when I showed this film in 16mm format to a psychology class when I worked at the college media center when attending the same college. I ran into it again recently on PBS when perusing through their website & remembered how mind blowing it was. The rediscovery of this study slapped me in the face once again & it was awe inspiring! No matter if it’s in the 1960’s,the new millenium, planetchocko’s stoneage, or the Jetson’s era, everyone can learn from this, & ought to learn from this. Mrs. Elliott & The Eye of the Storm documentary, schools this 3rd grade class in Iowa, the same set of students again 14 years later, & yet again to adults in a mixed environment. TAKE the TIME to watch it on PBS via the web here:
It might change your view of the world & how we treat people if you’ve been living under a rock or been away at Mars like we have for a while.

montreal street art and graffiti

most of these photos were taken on Saint Laurent Blvd. between Rene Levesque Blvd. E. and Rue Saint-Catherine O.