LITTLE BIG SOLDIER starring Jackie Chan was a period piece film of warring states in China. The story had a makeup of an epic tale, but in the end it was a pretty big disappointing soldier in my opinion. It wasn’t because the film wasn’t a classic Jackie Chan movie full of kung fu fighting & stunt proportions. In the contrary, Jackie did little to no fighting in the movie, but he did grace us with a peppering of good old buffoon style acrobatics that only Jackie can lay claim to! I just didn’t feel any emotions for the antagonists or protagonists in the film. I didn’t cheer, hate, or have any passion to root for Jackie’s character or anyone else in the film for that matter. You did feel for him at the end of the movie, but for me it was a little too late. The skinny of the movie is that there is a clash of power in China with the Liang & Wei clans. Jackie is an old clown of a soldier for the Liang family & a General of the Wei clan is the other main character in the movie. The general of Wei & his men were ambushed by the Liang soldiers which was an assisted setup by his jealous younger brother to rid of him in order to be the next heir on the throne. In comes Jackie, when he is a lone survivor in the battlefield along with the wounded General. Jackie captures him & the movie basically goes on a journey between the two. Jackie’s intent was to return to the land of Liang & collect a reward for the capture of the general of Wei. Of course, the two characters go on a path that would have them pitted against a clan of braveheart soldiers, a young lady, a school of sages, & a run in with the prince-younger brother of the General of Wei.
I didn’t like the comedic aspect of the film thrown into the foray of the story. Yes, I know it’s Jackie & it is part of his genetic makeup in filmmaking, but it just didn’t work for me. I felt I would of enjoyed the film if it had more of a dramatic feel & sense of urgency.
Critics of this movie called it one of Jackie’s better films in years & got decent ratings in Planet China. I’m a big Jackie Chan fan myself, but LITTLE BIG SOLDIER didn’t do it for me, but it may for you.

–Mr. C

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