Naomi Shelton at Peter Cooper Village(pics by Mr. C)
Naomi Shelton at Peter Cooper Village(pics by Mr. C)

Naomi Shelton, a sixties something Alabama native now Brooklyn nubian Queen lit up the platform with her funky soul & raspy vocals on the Stuytown stage in the Peter Cooper Village complexes of lower Manhattan in NYC! Miss Shelton’s mouth was glowing like the “Lopan” character from ‘Big Trouble in Little China’ when she sang! Also,her gold hat & her gold shoes blinged like an angel from heaven! Miss Naomi’s movements on stage were docile but her voice was volatile like an aggressive tigress waiting to prance on the movements of spreading the gospel. This martian had never cracked open the holy bible, but every word that Naomi put forth on the microphone reverberated spirit, hope, love thyself, & your fellow brothers & sisters! Her performance was truly inspirational & uplifting!
Her album, “What have you done, my Brother?” from Indie label, Dap Tone Records is a nitty-gritty, gospel piece of art that pulls no punches & then, slaps you in the face to make you take a cold hard look in the mirror at yourself & your soul! I’m not a man or martian of the church but I’m starting to believe…when I blare Miss Shelton’s music on my boombox hoisted on my shoulder! In all seriousness & before I get struck down with lightning, Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens make some furious soulful music that lingers in your heart & heals many wounds. Her 1st official album, “What have you done, My Brother” with the help of her accomplices, the Gospel Queens is worth an investigation ,interrogation, & investment for yourself! Miss Shelton’s music started to make my hips & legs shift from side to side, my neck started to break out into the snake, my hands started to clap, & then rhythmically I started to add a stomp to that shift! My favorite songs in her album include ‘What have you done’, ‘Lift my burdens’ & Sam Cooke’s ‘A change is gonna come’. Check it, check it out, y’all! By the way, Daptone Records houses two other martian favorites on their label, Sharon Jones & the Dapkings and The Budos Band! Planet Chocko is adding fever to your flavor in your ear, ya heard?

–Mr. C (pics & video courtesy of C from Planetchocko)

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