Remembering BRUCE LEE!

After screening IP MAN 2 at the New York Asian Film Festival, I couldn’t help but reminisce about one of Ip Man’s most famous students, the late great Bruce Lee! I never get tired of watching a then 24 year old Bruce Lee doing an audition/screen test for a role in Green Hornet! He would later land the role of Kato in the Green Hornet Series! You can see his charisma,confidence,speed, & martial art skills were as clear as day even on a foggy morning at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge! Ip man’s teachings helped infect Bruce Lee with some kung fu knowledge that he would later elevate to another level! Coming from a Chinese-American-martian background myself, it’s truly inspirational that a courageous “Little Dragon” named Bruce Lee broke color barriers on different platforms in the 1960’s like auditioning in Hollywood & not giving a rats ass if he was black,green,alien or “oriental”,teaching Kung fu in Oakland & San Francisco to non-chinese, & saying fuck you to the Shaw Brother studios in a time when they expected you to eat the rice they gave you & shut the hell up. It takes quite a stubborn,persistent, & brave mofo to have that type of mojo to pave new groundwork for us mere mortals to walk on! Ip Man planted the seed, & Bruce continues to bloom to this day infecting mutants with his passion & spirit! Check out Bruce Lee’s 8 minute audition with the Green Hornet brass with the video below, thanks to Olerud99!

–Mr. C

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