Storm Warriors

I thought I would of raised my martian snausage nose up to such a film as Storm Warriors with all it’s magic,mystic, & wire-fu acts of self inflicting honor, but to be honest I actually enjoyed the freak show! The film was like a done up whore complete with fake boobs, long legs,pretty face, & a sweet rump injected with CGI & filled with Hong Kong pretty boy pop stars like Ekin Cheng,Aaron Kwok, & Nicholas Tse. I mean this in the most complimentary of ways, folks! The evil empire strikes back with Simon Yam gracing us with his role of a Darth Vader like Japanese Warlord named Lord Godless. When I hear or see Ekin Cheng & Nicholas Tse, I instantly think about the gangster roles they played from the “Young And the Dangerous” series. It’s hard to picture them in period piece roles but, Ekin Cheng & Aaron Kwok both did a good job in portraying the characters of Wind & Cloud. Storm Warriors or aka Storm Riders 2 is based on a Hong Kong comic book. This is part of the reason that I lifted my wire-fu ban on this movie because it’s a comic book character, ladies & neanderthals! Superhero characters=superhuman feats so I’m OK with the walking on water, moving mountains on your shoulder, & shooting erronious energy from your fingertips! The CGI work on Storm Warriors was amazing! Think Frank Miller’s “300”! I worried that these Hong Kong pop stars would fail on recreating fight scenes with much passion & accuracy, but they did a decent job! Simon Yam being a drama man himself represented Lord Godless in convincing fashion filled with ruthlessness & evil. Storm Warriors opens up with Cloud(Aaron Kwok),Chu Chu,Piggy King,2nd Dream, & their master “Nameless” already in the paws of Lord Godless awaiting execution. The Lord (Simon Yam) & his son (Nicholas Tse) want to take control of the galaxy & rule the martial art world!(muhahaha). But to everybodies surprise, Wind(Ekin Cheng) appears & saves the bunch from the clutches of Lord Godless, but not before Master Nameless gets seriously injured. The three go on a refuge & must power up before they meet Godless again. Master Nameless is injured & cannot pass on enough power or knowledge to Wind or Cloud so Lord Wicked was recommend as the only savior. Ekin Cheng(Wind) was then chosen to train in the powers of the evil in order to gain enough strength to defeat Lord Godless, but in turn Wind might get possessed by the darkside & would probably not make it back to the Jedi side. Cloud would continue training with Master Nameless & eventually reach another level that would embellish new knowledge in creating his own sword technique. Cloud & Wind meet up to ignite a Storm from Lord Godless, & the Dragon bones is the prize that will win immortality!(muhahaha). Storm Warriors is definitely one big eye candy that I should watch over again to pickup little nuances I might have missed! 2nd on my list is to checkout the “Storm Riders” comic book to get a better understanding of these 2 characters! And lastly, I should watch Storm Riders the first movie with Ekin Cheng,Aaron Kwok, & Sonny Chiba that was released about a decade ago!

–Mr. C (7 out of 10 chances for a Storm when Wind & Cloud collide)

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