Norah Jones, pic by MR. C
Norah Jones, pic by MR. C
Norah Jones, pic by MR. C
Norah Jones, pic by MR. C of

Norah Jones blessed the 2010 season of Celebrate Brooklyn at Prospect Park by kicking off the free concert series on June 9th,2010! It was a gloomy,dreary,rainy,& depressing day, but once Norah surfaced on the stage, her vocals & soulful fingers on the keyboard made me drift away to another planet! A dry & sunny Planet Chocko, perhaps! She was accompanied once again with the multi-talented Sasha, who provided the backup vocals,guitars,percussions, & banjo playing. Marty Markowitz, the Brooklyn Borough President made his improptu speech to welcome Norah Jones & to celebrate Brooklyn! Not for nothing, but I don’t even live in Brooklyn & I know the name & face of the Brooklyn Borough Prez! I barely even remember the name of the Mayor in my own town. What’s wrong with this picture?!

Yes, I was semi prepared(not really) for the rains that accompanied Norah & her audience at the Bandshell in Prospect Park, but I got demolished by the rains,anyway. I was wearing 100% all american cotton which is not a good idea, unless you want to act as a human sponge! I brought a petite umbrella that folds up in 30 places which is ‘hella’ portable which is why I got ‘hella’ drenched! I also brought a heavy duty black garbage bag to cover the wet chair so my brain wouldn’t get fried! Donning the garbage bag over my body like a ghost would of been a better idea! Probably a stupid risk, but I whipped out the camera for some still shots & a few vids so the beast got a fair share of raindrops & a few teardrops from myself as well! Norah Jones scintillated the Brooklyn & New Jersey audience that night with a tuneful harassment of her cool breeze,deep,& honey infused vocals! Norah’s set list included Stuck,Creepin in,Sunrise,Come Away with Me,Don’t Know Why,Dauphin Island,cover from Neil Young’s-Barstool Blues,Back to Manhattan, & Chasing Pirates. NJ’s rendition of “Dauphin Island” by Mobile-Alabama’s own, So Brown was inspirational. “Dauphin Island” in Alabama was a tribute to the beauty of the Island before the Gulf of Mexico oil spill that washed up on the beaches. Norah Jones’ peformance was worth being marinated in the rain for 2 hours! Plus, my camera showed no ill effects as of yet! Knock on wood *As I knock on my head* Maybe, we can see more of Norah Jones in Brooklyn since she just became a resident in this wonderful borough once again in the Cobble Hill section, I believe! Sunrise..Sunrise…Norah!
–Mr. C

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