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Ingrid Michaelson performing at the Staten Island Music Hall on 3/6/10

The pride of Staten Island’s own, Ingrid Michaelson came snuggling into Snug Harbor with her crystal clear pop vocals to perform at the Music Hall to raise money for the Staten Island Museum. This benefit concert is very close to Ingrid’s heart as her mother is the director of the Museum. You could tell the fans at the music hall that night were filled with familiar faces to her. She looked like she was having so much fun onstage that it almost appeared that she was performing to a large crowd in front of her own living room! What a way to kick off her tour by serenading us in her own backyard! Ingrid was supported by her band including Allie Moss, Elliot Jacobsen, Dan Romer, & Chris Kufner. Unfortunately for us, but fortunate for her, Bess Rogers was away on a tour of her own!
Ingrid had a few standup comedy moments in her performance especially when she did some impersonations of the classic New York jewish woman’s accent, & for dividing the audience into 2 teams. She called one side the Richmond Street Terrors, & the other side was the Bay Street Ball Busters! The two sides fiercely competed to see who was the loudest, & of course my team, the Bay Street Ball Busters busted a nut screaming the loudest! The 2 teams sounded like gangs from the movie, The Warriors! It was also very hilarious when Ingrid sang a song ode to “Mexican Food” with the music from “Maybe”. She encouraged the audience to replace the “Fajita” lyric with “vagina” for an added laugh! That silly song really got me fiending for some Mexican delights later on that night! Ingrid also played a TLC classic, “no scrubs” in her own classified pop meets opera style called POPRA on her keyboard, solo. Her no scrubs rendition really got the crowd roaring! Other songs on her set that night included Soldier, Die Alone, once was love, You and I, Everybody, Radio Head’s – ‘Creep’, sort of, the hat, the way I am, locked up, & maybe. Ingrid ended the night with “Far Away” with a little help from the audience! Ingrid’s performance was surely energetic, genuine, & casual! Ingrid Michaelson’s bright pop vocals along with her fun, feel good lyrics, her sense of humor, & her Lisa Loeb looks will surely make you cheer her on! The cohesiveness of the band really bonded everything together as well. Ingrid & the her band truly do look like they are having the time of their lives onstage! Check out Ingrid Michaelson’s latest album, “Everybody”. Her two previous albums, “Be OK” & “Girls & Boys” are very ear friendly, too! By the way, support the Staten Island Museum, Botanical Garden, the children’s museum, the Music Hall, & Snug Harbor. The buildings in and around Snug Harbor look amazing in all their colonial built glory. Snug Harbor was a town that was inhabitated by many a Seamen in their yesteryears. This area of Staten Island really reminded me of some of the surroundings of Governors Island. So, to all you martians that have finally made it to the end of my monolithic review, take my suggestion, hop on the “Free” Staten Island ferry from the comforts of Manhattan, & take a City Up tour around Snug Harbor. By the way, check out the Staten Island Yankees while you are there! Let’s go Yankees!
–Mr. C



Happy Chinese New Year 2010 in Chinatown, by Mr. C
11th annual chinese new year lunar parade in NYC!
Happy Chinese New Year 2010 in Chinatown, by Mr. C
Happy Chinese New Year 2010 in Chinatown, by Mr. C
Happy Chinese New Year 2010 in Chinatown, by Mr. C
Happy Chinese New Year 2010 in Chinatown, by Mr. C
–A celebration in Chinatown, Manhattan! Pics by Mr. C


100 ways to murder your wife starring Chow Yun Fat & Anita Mui

I was rifling through my movie collection in hopes to trim some fat on storage space & up pops a VHS copy of this 1986 movie called “100 Ways to Murder your wife” starring Chow Yun Fat, the late Anita Mui, Joey Wong, & Kenny Bee. I quickly reheated some plump & juicy wonton noodle soup from New York Noodletown, leftovers from the previous night, & literally went to town on revisiting this slapstick movie starring the Fat Man! Chow Yun Fat plays the role of a veteran professional soccer player from Hong Kong who is married to a beautiful woman starred by Joey Wong. Everything is hunky dory with the couple except that the Fat man is one jealous son of a china man. The wife is friendly with others in an innocent way, but Fat man assumes the worst when the wifee is social with the dudes. In parallel to this story, Kenny Bee also plays the role of a pro soccer player with Anita Mui as his wife. Anita Mui plays the more aggressive & verbally abusive wife who tries to consul Kenny Bee in getting a more lucrative job rather than playing fancy footwork with a soccer ball. After a frustrating day with the wives, Fat Man & Kenny Bee meet by chance at a local bar. They both get shit faced & begin to talk about murdering their wives in a jokingly manner. Then, they both agree to murder each others wives & the slapstick games begin! Chow Yun Fat appears at Kenny Bee’s home in all his drunken glory with a feeble attempt to wack Anita Mui. Anita ends up smashing Fat Man over the head with a porcelain vase & out like a light he goes. When Kenny awakes in the morning, he finds Fat man sleeping on his sofa, & they both begin to think that the wife really did get murdered! Kenny is in shock but he must keep his word, & murder CYF’s wife. The escapades continue with unique ways to murder the wives including electrocution from a projection TV thrown into a pool, starting a fire with a magnified clear glass plate close to gas lines, a guillotine strategically placed by a tanning chair, & releasing of piranhas in the pool. There is also a funny scene at a gay club that Chow Yun Fat & Kenny Bee end up going to in hopes to win back the hearts of their wives. The finale of the movie involves being at the highest point in Hong Kong, a wedding, & a hot air balloon! This movie really brought back some good memories of Hong Kong movies in their glory years! It wasn’t that this movie was that spectacular, but the time period of the mid to late eighties, Chow Yun Fat, Anita Mui, the hair, the dress, & the over the top slapstick comedy would bring a smile back to anyone’s face who is into HK film! If you are a Chow Yun Fat fan, then you should check this flick out. It’s one of his better silly movies. After re-watching this film, I have a sudden urge to rock that flip flop hairdo, heavily slurp some ramen noodles, wear some tightass short shorts, & run around with a chinese meat cleaver!

–Mr. C (7 out of 10 ‘flock of seagulls’)