Steamed Pastry!? Golden Steamer in Chinatown-NYC

Steamed pastry…? OK, pastry seems like a term that esteemed cuisines like the french & italian usually specializes in, but the chinese also have an arsenal of goodies that the mere mortal can enjoy! What is the definition of pastry anyway? Does it have to be baked or does it just insinuate that the base of the product has to be eggs,flour,water, & be kneaded or have at least some form of these ingredients? Who cares! What’s in a name anyways?
Golden Steamer is a food destination-slash, hole in the wall in Chinatown-New York City that specializes in steamed buns/”pastry”. They have been opened for 3-4 months now & I’ve been thoroughly enjoying their morsals of goodness. My favorites have been the steamed buns of the pork & vegetable – chicken & vegetable variety, the Dai Bao aka the “special” bun as Filipinos know it or simply translated in chinese as the “Big Bun” (Dai Bao), & the steamed pumpkin bun. Golden Steamer also sells dim sum items that everyone recognizes like turnip cakes, egg custards, fried dumplings, & steamed rice noodles as well as baked items like the bun with the hot dog & the roast pork bun(don’t like)! Golden Steamer is a great option for those martians who crave for the sweet & savory breakfast item on the lower east…Chinese…side of manhattan formerly known as the Italian side of Canal Street. Do your city ups & stuff yer face!
–Mr. C

Golden Steamer
143 Mott Street (between grand & hester)
New York, NY 10013

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