Alice Smith at Rockwood Music Hall

Alice Smith @ Rockwood Music Hall 1/7/10 pic by MR. CAlice Smith @ Rockwood Music Hall 1/7/10 pic by Mr. C

Alice Smith made an impromptu performance at the Rockwood Music Hall in NYC on January 7th, 2010! We knew that she had a residency at Joe’s Pub with several performances already booked in the month of January at Joes,but the show at Rockwood was a pleasant surprise. It seems that Alice Smith & team are really starting the new year with a kaboom by promoting her new material! Great for us! She delighted the crowd with her cool breeze vocals, a hybrid mix of jazz & soul with a little bit of everything mixed in between! It’s apparent from her debut album, ‘For Lovers, Dreamers, and Me that she is influenced by country, rock, jazz, & soul. You even get a tingle sensation of the islands with an inkling of reggae from a track off her 1st album. Alice, yo…bum rushed the show by immediately singing some new tunes that I presume will be on her sophmore album. Some new songs included “Break”,”Go”, & “Martha”. Alice also moved the crowd by playing some older songs like ‘Love Endeavor’ & ‘Hey..Yeah’. Alice also sang a Bonnie Raitt cover, ‘Have a Heart’ & a cover from Band of Horses “No one’s gonna love you”.
I really enjoyed watching her perform at Rockwood Music Hall. If you think Joe’s Pub is an intimate setting then Rockwood will blow your mind. The size of Rockwood is probably the size of middle america’s living room space. The acoustics,shoulder to shoulder rubbing, & enormously efficient bar maiden give this sardine can feeling-performance space, it’s own character & style! The performers are practically sitting on your lap from every viewing vantage point at the ROCK! It’s apparent that Alice Smith was having oodles of fun onstage at the Rock that night! Baby-WowoWhoa!..her waves of energy really bumped the crowd & her vocals tend to make you smile! Can’t you picture Chow Yun Fat better known as Inspector Tequila, play his sax alongside Alice Smith? Sorry for the ‘HardBoiled’ reference, I couldn’t resist!

Enjoy some live music & get yourself a rusty nail at the ROCK!

Check out Alice Smith below perform a new song called “Go” at the Rockwood Music Hall!

Rockwood Music Hall
184 Allen Street
New York, NY 10002

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