Death First is a female-fronted hardcore punk band from NYC who have been playing all over the city the last couple of months after the release of a recently recorded demo. Their songs are fast, fueled by anger and the lyrics are smart and sung by one pissed off girl. Stand back! Check ’em out at a punk rock venue near you and be sure to buy their music. Here’s an interview with the band. Thanks to Jessy (vox), Dan (guitars), Joe (Bass) and Jake (drums) for answering some questions!

what inspired you to be in a band?
Jessy: If I don’t scream at the top of my lungs for at least an hour a week I start to come unhinged.
Dan: wanting to finally make music that i would want to listen to.
Joe: dissatisfaction w/ spectator sports. move beyond mere consumption of punkrock culture, a step everyone should take, and rightfully can. create, yknow.
Jake: anger, frustration, and a love for punk rock. you know, the usual.

what other bands were you all previously in?
Jessy: Go ape shit! And carnal knowledge
Joe: some broward county skids of the apocalypse; currently in a experimental band called SSSS based around nyc.
Jake: i was in a ska/crust band called Aberrance from westchester. I am currently also in Ashtray Dirt, vegan straight edge sludge, and various other projects.

tell us a little bit about your new demo.
Dan: the first tape was recorded in one day back in june, we were all pretty psyched with how it came out and got some good feedback which was really helpful for continuing on and writing new songs. our new 7″ will be out the end of march.

where did the inspiration for the lyrics come from?
Jessy: The simplest answer to that question is that I write about things that piss me off. But I also try to take personal experiences and connect them to a larger political context. Recently I’ve also been using lyric writing as a way to process my thoughts about subjects that are affecting myself and my community. I feel that this acknowledges the complexity of confronting difficult issues such as intimate partner violence.

who are some bands you enjoy listening to at the moment?
Jessy: Some of my favorite bands are bikini kill, submission hold, harum scarum, the dicks, poison idea, anti product, rudimentary peni, detestation and spitboy. Recently ive also been listening to alot of condenada, schifosi, death rats.
Dan: on any given day while im out walking dogs ill listen to From Ashes Rise, The Measure [sa], Hiretsukan, Dillinger Four and Pisschrist.
Joe: naked city / ahleuchatistas / wrangler brutes / the ex / evangelista
Jake: i have been listening to fireworks, title fight, grimple, 25talife, darkthrone and gather recently.

what can we expect from DEATH FIRST in the near future?
Jessy: Records, tours, making the hc scene a little less dude dominated.
Dan: records, tours, general destruction.
Joe: tour! / van-surfing teenwolf-style / / more thrash!
Jake: new music, lots of shows and tours coming soon. see you in the pit!

for more info about Death First:


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