A View From The Bridge

Once in a blue moon, I’ll check out a Broadway play. The main reason is the cost and parking around Times Square is definitely a hassle. But on a Sunday matinee and for under $40, I was down to see Scarlett Johansson’s Broadway debut in Arthur Miller’s “A View From The Bridge.” The play takes place in the 1950’s and involves a Brooklyn dock worker Eddie Carbone, played by Liev Schreiber, who’s got da hots for his 17-year-old niece Catherine, played by Scarlett. Eddie Carbone is a hard-headed man who is married and has been raising his orphaned niece and putting her through school while putting food on the table and providing a roof over his family’s heads. However, the drama begins once Catherine falls in love with an immigrant from Italy. Mix obsession with a little bit of desire, some jealousy and a dash of desperation and let the games begin. The play is in two acts and lasts for about two hours. The acting is top notch. I totally dug Scarlett’s Brooklyn accent for her role. I’ve been a fan since her acting in the movie “Ghost World” and more recently the work she’s done with Woody Allen. Great stuff. When the play was over, Scarlett came out into the freezing cold totally bundled up, but she seemed really nice and signed everybody’s playbills. Liev did as well and chatted briefly with the fans that waited in the cold. A View From The Bridge will be playing at the Cort Theatre (138 W. 48th St.) until early April. I liked it a lot and I would probably go see it again!

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