Dar Williams at Southpaw in Brooklyn-NYC 12/27/09

Dar Williams @ Southpaw's in Brooklyn on 12/27/09

Dar Williams @ Southpaw's in Brooklyn on 12/27/09

Dar Williams @ Southpaw's in Brooklyn on 12/27/09

Dar Williams came out with guns blazing through brooklyn on her ubiquitous southpaw stance & delivered a heavy hitting set with a hippie inspired knockout performance at Southpaw’s in the Park slope section of Brooklyn on the Sunday after xmas of 2009! It’s always a great pleasure watching Dar perform with her amazing melodies while she plays her guitar with such great ryhthm & folk style. She truly is an amazing songwriter, performer, & storyteller. Watching her sing at such an intimate venue in acoustic fashion was awesome! For me, it’s a self help-holistic, feel good, cleansing session of the heart when she performs onstage! She hypnotized the crowd at Southpaw’s despite having an incident in the dressing room while getting ready for the show by grabbing the wrong end of the curling iron! Ouch! Well, it didn’t affect her performance one bit! Dar’s TKO 19 song set included fan favorites such as the Christians & the Pagans, As cool as I am, Mercy of the Fallen, Spring Street, the easy way, & February. The audience wanted to hear ‘After All’ & one of my Dar faves ‘Iowa’ , but she never got the chance to play it on her set. The standout songs that the audience went wild for while clapping & singing along to were ‘As cool as I am’, ‘Christians & the Pagans’, ‘When I was a boy’ & ‘its alright’ which closed out the night. My personal favorites on her set were ‘Mercy of the Fallen’, ‘You are Everyone’, & a nice rendition of Stephen Trask’s song, ‘Midnight Radio’. She wrote & dedicated a sweet song to her friend, Rachel who lost her battle with life. Dar also paid tribute to free speech radio & in particular to WBAI, your peace & justice community radio station at 99.5 FM in NYC by playing ‘Are you out there’ . All in all, the messages that Dar delivered that night were of peace & love, read the ‘Green Metropolis’, support your local free speech radio, save the democratic party, support the local farmers market anarchist , grow more tomatoes in your garden when babies are blooming instead of car pooling to Costco to purchase items by the pallet, stand up & protest to our government when we are not getting due process of law, & most of all, question the questions from our politicians. Thanks to our favorite hippie chick for such a great performance! We can’t wait to see you again in acoustic fashion! By the way, if you martians haven’t had the chance to witness Pete Seeger’s 90th Birthday celebration live in Madison Square Garden on May 3rd, 2009, you can view it on PBS. Dar’s performance was amazing! The finale with all the Artists including Pete Seeger singing “We Shall Overcome” & “This Land is Your Land” was bone chilling, goosebump enthralling, & most of all, inspirational! Richie Haven’s performance of “Freedom” was off the meat rack! It really brought back archived memories of Woodstock ’69 on video when Richie opened up the big Woodstock celebration on last second notice when the original opening acts were late because of the crazy traffic getting to Yasgur’s farm! Richie Haven’s is pure americana! Let’s celebrate Freedom! Damn, wonder how one of those dashiki’s would look on me?
–MR. C

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  • Planet Chocko  On January 24, 2010 at 2:11 am

    Thank you for your comments! We now know there is at least 1 person reading our blog!
    Peace & success in the Year of the Tiger!! Roar…rrrrr!

  • dave  On February 3, 2010 at 6:35 pm

    can’t believe Dar was in B’klyn and I didn’t find out about it. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve seen her in the NY/NJ area, and she was great every time (she never failed to perform “Iowa” though).

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