Cage at B.B.King's NYC with Tame One

Me and Mr. C just made it on time to see Tame One of The Artifacts at the late show in Times Square on December 18. The Newark born emcee took command of the crowd with his complex rhyme patterns and dope, classic style on the microphone. It was so easy to see why this MC from Brick City was so influential to many underground and mainstream rappers. He released an album recently titled “Acid Tab Vocab.” Tame One’s former label mate and partner in crime (Leak Bros!), Cage from NYC headlined the show playing lots of tracks from his latest Def Jux album, “depart from me” which is a dark journey into the life of a troubled adolescent who’s been to hell and back. It is an ambitious album which mixes elements of hardcore punk, industrial rock along with hip hop. After experiencing technical difficulties with the video presentation of his performance right from the get-go, the crowd started with the heckling. Frustrated, Cage gave it right back and even threatened to jump into the crowd and pull a “Kid Cudi” admitting, “I’ve got nothing to lose.” It was just a bluff…no fights broke out. The dude is definitely an adult still haunted by his messed up early years of abuse, addiction, suicide attempts and being institutionalized. Somebody give him a hug! Shia LaBeouf (yup, the actor from the Transformers movies) is supposedly working on a movie about Cage. Leave the kids at home for that one. El-P (El Producto) was in the house. The show rocked and I really liked hearing the new stuff…”beat kids” sounded nice and so did “kick rocks.” Me and Mr. C left around 2:30 a.m. and by then Cage was joined on stage by Tame One and later by his band which included a couple of dudes on guitars, bass and keyboards. Check out the video below of Cage performing “eating its way out of me” from his new album on Definitive Jux titled “depart from me.” Rock on Cage!

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