Bigger Princess and Kate Ferencz at 1087 Brooklyn NYC

1087 Broadway is an awesome d.i.y. feminist space in Brooklyn that has been throwing some really rad events lately. On December 15, Kate Ferencz and Bigger Princess came back after touring all around the country. ACLU Benefit, a dude with a deep baritone voice and a guitar started the night. He’s a total downer, but he does get the crowd singing along to his songs about beer and weird relationships. The first time I heard him play, I wanted to stab my ears with a pencil, but I think he’s growing on me. Maybe I’ll get his CD next time. Bigger Princess played next. B.P. is basically a tiny, loopy, pixie-like creature named Alana Fitzgerald who plays the guitar and sings about ghosts, wolves and haunted houses. She was accompanied by Kate Ferencz who played the glockenspiel and a homemade tambourine made of an old can, metal and animal bones. Kate is fun to watch…always banging on stuff and making animal sounds during one song was way too funny. There is a Bigger Princess CD out and you can probably pick one up at a show. It’s got lots of great lo-fi, spooky folk songs from an amazingly talented young artist. Kate Ferencz played next and she is a super talented girl who sings punky, lo-fi folk songs while playing her guitar. She is energetic and intense…sometimes singing acapella or banging on a floor or table to provide a beat. She has so many great songs and one of my favorites is “trees for hands” which is about what it must be like to be that Indonesian fisherman with the weird skin disease which makes him look like his hands and feet are made of trees. “Chicken Hearts” is a fun and sensitive song that asks “do you want to have a contest eating chicken hearts…you and me?” Sure, why not…a little honey mustard sauce and I’m game. Kate’s got a really weird video on the internet for her song, “bright flying lightbulb” and a tape out titled, “Natural History Museum.” Alana and her are also working on a tv show called “Knowledge Quest.” They also live in a tree house in a far away land inhabited by gnomes and unicorns. I made that up. Check out their myspace pages for more info.

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