Xian Famous Foods *Grand Opening* in Chinatown,NYC!

Xian Famous Foods
Calling all Planet Chocko martians, aliens, & other forms of life that enjoy good cheap ass food! I’m happy to announce that ‘Xian Famous Foods’ is opening up a branch in Manhattan’s Chinatown in NYC @ 88 Forsyth St ! Their grand opening is this Saturday, December 19th! Xian is located on the western part of China in the Shaanxi Province that is home to the famous 8000+ terra cotta soldiers buried near the Mausouleum of the second Ming Emperor. Xian is also famous for their liang pi & hand pulled noodles. Their rendition of the savory cumin lamb burger is also very tasty. The lamb meat is sliced & then sauteed with some jalapenos,onions,& scallions & then gently smothered between a warm crispy bun. Xian also has slight influences of Islam & as a result impart it in some of their cuisine. I am stoked that we, extraterrestrials don’t have to trek all the way to Flushing, Queens @ the Flushing Mall to get our fix! I must admit that Flushing, Queens probably does lay home to the tastiest chinese cuisine destination of all the 5 boros in NYC. Sorry, Manhatty Chinatown…I still got love for ya’ & you definitely have more personality & character, but you’re one ugly MOFO! Hehehee…for all that don’t know, Chinatown-NYC is my heart, a clogged one at that, but still my heart! Check out these MOFO’s & enjoy a good meal! Check out their menu

Xian Famous Foods
88 Forsyth St by East Broadway #106
New York, NY 10002

Flushing, NY – Flushing Mall
133-31 39th Avenue #FC10
Flushing, NY 11354

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