Paulie "the magic man" Malignaggi vs Juan "the baby bull" Diaz in CHITOWN on 12/12/09

pic taken @ the Miguel Cotto-Manny Pacquiao showdown @ Yankee stadium

Paulie Malignaggi @ the Miguel Cotto-Manny Pacquiao showdown @ Yankee stadium

Planet Brooklyn’s own, Paulie “The Magic man” Malignaggi successfully revenged his JR Welterweight bout (140lbs) against Juan “the baby bull” Diaz in ChiTown on 12/12/09 by unanimous decision. The 1st fight in August between these 2 combatants led to a controversial win going to the Baby Bull. This sequel on 12/12 was well worth the wait as the contrast of styles could not of been any more entertaining. These two pugilist exemplified one style of the nitty gritty-well adapting concrete jungle of NYC, all about speed, clowning, & showboating at it’s finest versus the no non-sense baby bull charge aggression akin to the mexican aztec warrior. Juan Diaz was 35-2(17ko’s) before the fight with his most notable loss to Juan Manuel Marquez & his most recent loss to Madeina, which was stopped because of the severe beating Baby Bull took witnessed by his ballooned face. Paulie Malignaggi was 26-3(5 ko’s) before the fight. Paulie’s losses came by the hands of the Baby Bull, Ricky Hatton, & Miguel Cotto. Despite his losses, the magic man looked very relaxed & confident throughout this fight in ChiTown & his lyrical footwork of freestyle magnifications were the manifestations of a different Paulie at peace with a new trainer. Buddy Mcgirt & the Magic Man departed ways a few fights before, as Paulie believed his real flow in fighting relied on all footwork & speed as opposed to being sly & flat footed. Paulie showed great speed, rhythm, & flow as well as keeping good distance from the bull charger. The Magic Man did try to rumble with the Baby bull a few times but those exchanges were short lived as Diaz usually excelled at that range. Juan Diaz was cut from a blow by the magic man in the 2nd round. Paulie showed glimpses of doing ‘mano y mano’ a few more times, but that strategy was to try & lure Diaz in. Paulie’s confidence seemed steady & streamlined for the whole fight as his footwork, speed, & distance was just too much for the mexican american. Malignaggi even ‘shook’ Diaz with a right cross @ the end of the 6th round, but was unable to finish him because Pauli was too busy showboating & acting silly. Perhaps, Paulie did not know how to ‘finish’ him as that seems to be unchartered grounds coming from a fighter with only 5 KO wins in his history. In round 10, Malignaggi scored a knockdown over Diaz, but after instant replay, the knockdown looked more like a slip & being a “Mr. Magoo” which of course scored a 10-8 round for the Brooklyn magic man. Nevertheless, the win was fairly an easy one for the Magic Man! Who’s next for Paulie? Who knows? The magic man wants revenge against Ricky Hatton or maybe a rumble with Juan Manuel Marquez. Either of these ‘fist a cuff’ warriors, would be real entertaining as Malignaggi seems to always bring his showboating ‘A’ game on stage!
Paulie @ the Miguel Cotto-Manny Pacquiao showdown @ yankee stadium (pic by pcimprezz)

The Magic Man @ the Miguel Cotto-Manny Pacquiao showdown @ yankee stadium (pics by pcimprezz)

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