T-Model Ford at powerHouse Arena 12.10.09

After waking up from a nap, I checked my twitter account and saw that T-Model Ford was performing in Brooklyn for free. T-Model Ford is an 80-something year old (nobody really knows his real age)quintessential blues musician from Mississippi who got a pacemaker put in about 2 years ago and continues to play. I had not seen Mr. Ford play in years, so I just had to go. I packed my bag with the essentials-cameras and memory cards and drove like I just stole the damn car. From Jersey to BK, not an easy task in the middle of holiday traffic. I got to DUMBO (parking there is a bee-otch!) a couple minutes after 8 pm just in time for T-Model’s set. The man did not disappoint. He played the blues for nearly an hour only to pause to take a swig of the whiskey. When T-Model Ford is in the house…it’s Jack Daniel Time! He got the crowd dancing and booties were definitely shaking. Mr. Ford showed no sign of retiring anytime soon. After his set, I witnessed him hitting on the ladies and wanting to go to their place. Dirty Dawg! The event was also a signing for a book of photos titled “Blues, Booze & BBQ” which coincided with a photo exhibit in the store. To check out this book and so much more, I recommend checking out PowerHouse Arena located at 37 Main Street DUMBO Brooklyn NY. Support indie bookstores and don’t forget to check out T-Model Ford next time he’s in your neck of the woods!

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