Municipal Waste at The Gramercy Theatre NYC

Municipal Waste came to town on December 9 and brought their friends with them on tour: Cauldron, Phobia and Brutal Truth. Opening act, Caludron, a trio from Toronto are the best metal band in the business who rock out like the 80’s never ended. They have the look and sound totally down and their new album, “chained to the nite” belongs right next to your Dokken, Queensryche and Iron Maiden albums. Next up was Phobia who played fast and furious anarchist grind core which got the crowd moving. They’re a great band from California and have been doing their thing for almost 20 years. Once the Phobia tunes got cranking, circle pits immediately started and elbows and fists were flying everywhere. NYC grindcore pioneers, Brutal Truth were next on the lineup playing angry, loud and chaotic music pleasing all metal heads and hardcore punk fans. It’s good to see these guys and their new album “evolution through revolution” is out now. The main event, Municipal Waste, everybody’s favorite thrashers from Richmond, Virginia obliterated while singing songs about beers, post-apocalyptic mutants and headbanging. Circle pits, moshing and stage diving was highly encouraged. It was painful to see the one, overweight lone stage diver jumping from the stage and not quite making it into the crowd. His ribs must be still aching after smashing into the rail. Ouch. It seems that with every album, the Waste’s fanbase grows larger and so do the venues. After Tony Foresta (lead singer) pointed out how funny it was that his band with a song titled, “boner city” was sponsored by Taco Bell, a person from the crowd yelled, “sellout!” Tony fired back and pointed out that their first song they ever made was about trucks and jet skis. “Why do you think we started a band?” Too funny. Being influenced by bands such as DRI, Suicidal Tendencies and Nuclear Assault is still evident in their new album “massive aggressive” so get it now. Jet skis and truck payments ain’t cheap. SET LIST: unleash the bastards, thrashing’s my business…and business is good, divine blasphemer, beer pressure, mental shock, blood drive, accelerated vision, wrong answer, terror shark, masked by delirium, sadistic magician, thrashin’ of the christ, mutants of war, toxic revolution, black ice, i want to kill the president, boner city, acid sentence, born to party, guilty of being tight, mind eraser and headbanger face rip!

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