Amir Khan beats Dmitriy Salita to defend WBA-Light Welterweight Title

Not a post that I was looking forward to writing, but Amir Khan (21-1 before the fight) defending WBA-Light Welterweight champion beats our local NYC hero of the Planet Brooklyn galaxy, Dmitriy Salita (30-0-1 before) in 76 seconds. Amir Khan came out with a thunderous right cross that stunned & knocked down Salita in the 1st 10 seconds of the fight & he never recovered. Salita went down 3 times in 76 seconds that resulted in the referee putting a halt to the fight. Salita’s 1st title shot went unsuccessful as his 1st loss shocked us all. Guess who was the trainer for Amir Khan?….Freddie Roach. The true heart of a boxer will be revealed with the fight after a devastating loss. We hope Dmitriy can recover & continue on with a successful career. I’ve been following Dmitriy & his story for a few years now evidenced by my article on his “Orthodox Stance” documentary @ . Dmitriy has been a gracious competitor & seems to have a gentle heart with a killer instinct in the ring. All these combinations make for a great story & we hope there is a “to be continued” segment. See below for a youtube video of the fight courtesy of “Rhinostampedes” –pcimprezz

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