Brooklyn Comics And Graphics Festival

It was a blustery day with constant cold rain and snow coming down, but that didn’t stop fans and artists of underground comics from showing up to the first brooklyn comics and graphics festival on Saturday, December 5. The show was presented by Desert Island and Picturebox and it would be safe to say that their first go at it was a success. The exhibitors were located in a tiny basement of a church on Metropolitan Ave which comprised of about 50 artists and publishers…many legends and talented artists in the house including Charles Burns, Kim Deitch, Gary Panther, Adrian Tomine, Gabrielle Bell, Ron Rege Jr….way too many to name them all. There were lots of things on sale from original art, prints, books, and shirts. Artist conversation programming was located down the street at Secret Project Robot and that was busy and crowded with people as well. A couple of things I picked up at the show: a mini comic and a badass print from Jon Vermilyea (a young and talented dude…his stuff amazes me), an issue of Humanbeing Lawnmower by Avi Spivak (always liked his art on punk rock flyers and now that there’s a zine to buy…gotta get it), Jumbly Junkery by L.Nichols (a girl that just goes by the name “L”…her stuff rocks), Dense Valley by Mika Oshima, Yeah, It is by Leslie Anne Mackenzie Stein (this girl is awesome and the stuff she’s working on will knock yr socks off) and What Happened Was…by Domitille Collardey (a talented female her work). I got a couple sketches to add to my collection too. It was a fun show and totally inspiring to see such great comic book art.


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