A slider a day will keep the Dr. away….

Watch Bobby Flay on CBS morning news discuss about sliders…”Small Size,Big taste”

Slider Slider y’all! “No batter…No batta…no batta”…Northern New Joisey is known for two great legendary-healthy food haunts.  One, is the deep fried hot dog a la “Rutt’s Hutt” and “Hot Grill” in Clifton, “Hirams” & “Callahans” in Fort Lee, “Pappy’s Diner” in Totowa, or “Johnny and Hanges” in Fair Lawn.  The other NJ commodity is the recession burger known as the “Slider”.  For all that do not know what a slider is, it’s those diminuitive steamed burgers that white castle made famous. The 5 cent sliders @ White Castle spawned & inspired a bunch of mom & pops in NJ to create a spinoff of White Castle like “White Rose”,”White Diamond”,”White Manna”,”White Mana”, & “Blue Castle”. In my subservient opinion, these mom & pops knock White Castles out the box! The slider jewel meats at these local joints are fresh, not frozen,& the love that these grill masters emulate onto their mini creations are galaxies ahead of the factory style White Castles. I suppose they call it a slider because it slides in one opening and out the other in no time! I’m blessed that I live too, darn close to one classic slider joint in Hackensack, NJ called the “White Manna”. White Manna grill masters scoop up the slider meat with an ice cream looking scoop onto the grill with one hand, & then uses the spatula to flatten out the meat delight with the other.  Then, a heaping portion of onions gets sloshed in and acts as a cover for the slider to steam in while the onion infuses with the precious meat. In no time, the master griller summons up a potato roll to marry the slider meat in!  DeeLicious! I know, I know, this is a straight tease without photos, but get your AZZ off the office space chair and shimmy yo’self over to your nearest slider establishment in the Dirty Jerz!  I mention a few below so you can promptly enter them into your google maps! These non-fancy ‘little dude’ burgers are getting some fancy treatments in NYC! We tried a new slider joint in NYC called “Marks” on St. Marks Place – East Village and it is worthy of a visit to the former bohemian street in NYC if you are in the ‘hood! I’ve even seen some posh posh NYC restaurants serve foi gras & duck meat as slider variations. To me it seems kind of funny & ironic that these 5 star restaurants are marketing these mini gourmet burgers as sliders. Sliders=working class,cheap,& tasty burger=americana. Do the electric slide, y’all !

White Manna
358 River Street, Hackensack NJ 07601 (map)
Mon. to Sat., 8:30 a.m. – 9 p.m.; Sun., 10 a.m. – 6 p.m

White Mana
470 Tonnele Avenue, Jersey City NJ 07307

White Rose System (Highland Park)
154 Woodbridge Avenue, Highland Park NJ 08904

White Diamond (Clark)
1207 Raritan Road, Clark NJ 07066

33 St Marks Pl
(between 3rd Ave & Astor Pl)
New York, NY 10003

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