Panya Bakery

I’m stoked that one of my fave Japanese bakeries,Panya has re-opened again!  Panya has an even larger space now & in addition, they serve hot Japanese style breakfasts & lunch as well as cold foods from Sunrise Market! Their pastries,bread,& crustless style Japanese sandwiches are off the chain! I really thought that Panya closed up shop for good & were down for the eternal count especially when their next door neighbor, the great late night diner style haunt, “Around the Clock” shuttered it’s door. This is great, now I can really enjoy my cold & hot drinks from St. Alps & walk across the street to Panya for dessert or a bento box!  Now, if they can bring back Around the Clock, The Continental, Chick Pea, Underground Kim’s, & Coney Island High, the East village might resemble a shadow of what they once were! In the meantime, enjoy your Strawberry shortcakes & other Shinjuku delicacies in the east village!

Panya @ 8 Stuyvesant St
(between 11th St & 12th St)
New York, NY 10003
(212) 777-1930

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