Orthodox Stance Documentary

This is my 2nd time watching “Orthodox Stance” , a boxing documentary following the trials & tribulations of an orthodox jew named Dmitriy Salita. Salita is a throwback boxer-jew from the crown heights section of Brooklyn-NYC originally from the Ukraine.  Amongst the city & hip hop elements of Crown Heights – Brooklyn, Salita practices Judaism & does not fight on the Sabbath or Jewish Holidays. He is a very soft spoken young man with religious beliefs of the orthodox way of Chabad. Despite, the quiet ways & calm waves of this young man, Salita has a roaring fire burning inside of him when he steps into the ring. Salita is not a devastating knockout specimen, but a definite throwback boxer with relentless proportions armed with speed & great timing.  Salita often enters the ring being serenated with the energy & sounds of reggae performer of judaism proportions, ‘Matisyahu’. Salita is also a New York Golden Gloves champion to boot.  He trained in the legendary Starrett City boxing club @ the age of 13 under the tutelage of the great Jimmy O, amongst Salita’s training mates  includes Zab Judah & Luis Collazo.  Due to an aging Jimmy O, Oscar Suarez took the reigns in training Salita.  In the documentary, check out a brief cameo of a young Miguel Cotto & an already boisterous Floyd Mayweather. Dmitriy is currently 30-0-1 with a scheduled bout against Amir Khan on Dec.5th,2009. Represent NYC boxing & get a copy of “Orthodox Stance”, its a knockout or at least a TKO, anyway!

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