Yankee Stadium to host fight of the century! *DREAM*

While still in a boxing state of mind from last weekend & still in dreamweave mode from the bliss of the NY Yankee world series win, why don’t we interlace my two favorite stories of 2009 together somehow?  Rumblings from the sports world would indicate that if the fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather would ever materialize, the fight of the century might take place as a ‘Bronx Tale’ in the beautiful backdrop of the new Yankee Stadium.  Yankee Stadium is already set to host one of the College Bowl games in 2010 & already hosted a press conference for Cotto & Pacquiao in Sept. 09.  (Check out the embedded Youtube Video below that PlanetChocko took @ the press conference at Yankee Stadium).   Getting the nod to host this fight @ Yankee stadium would redefine the new stadium as a multifaceted facility which in turn would bring in more revenue to add to the reinvestment strategy of the Steinbrenner family.  I can hear Boston fans rolling their eye’s & mumbling….Fuck the evil empire!  The old Yankee Stadium had been a host to many a boxing legend like Max Schmeling, Joe Louis, Muhammad Ali, & Ken Norton.  Even the Pope graced Yankee stadium in the mid 60’s.  Awe hell, Jay Z & Alicia Keys even performed in centerfield in the World Series!  Bringing back boxing to Yankee Stadium would be epic &  serve to reignite a piece of americana that we haven’t tasted in a while.   We fight fans can only dream of the forecasted fight of the century between Manny Pacquiao & Floyd Mayweather be told in a setting of a ‘Bronx Tale’!  Now, if we can only convince Big Mouth Floyd to suck up his EGO & take a 50/50 earning to live up to the hype of this fight.  Truth be told, this epic fight HAS to happen with no excuses or crying over money & venues.  Why?  Because the legacy of these 2 great fighters can only be complete with the outcome of this rumble!

-Mr. C

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