Manny Pacquiao vs Miguel Cotto

Wow…Manny Pacquiao casted a victory over Miguel Cotto in Las Vegas on 11/14/09!  The referee puts a halt to the fight in the 12th round due to the beating that Cotto had taken throughout. The corner from the puerto rican native wanted to make the 11th round his last, but Cotto decided to come out for the 12th despite his battered & bruised self with blood gushing out from his nose. Cotto came out fast & fierce in the first two rounds of boxing, setting the pace with some jabs that went through the guard of Pacman & showing some speed, but Manny staggered Cotto in the late 2nd round with a right which proved to Manny and the puerto rican that he had some thunder in his gloves. After Manny was able to adjust to Cotto’s inline speed & jabs by doing what pacman does best – move laterally, step in, step out, step to the side, and then throw punches from angles that Cotto could not see. It also appeared that Pacman was playing rope a dope a few times trying to sucker Cotto in after Manny had proved to himself that he could take some of Cotto’s lightning!  Miguel really took a beating from Pacman as his corner looked bewildered and helpless. We heard from Larry Merchant and Jim Lampley from HBO that Miguel’s father wanted the fight to be stopped by the 10th or 11th round. Cotto’s wife and child could not bare to see the battered image and left the arena a few rounds earlier. Miguel Cotto really tried to hang on till the end but he was definitely outclassed tonight by a great smaller fighter. Miguel proved to be a standup guy by sticking around after the fight to talk to Larry Merchant and to congratulate Manny on the win despite the puffiness on his face. Miguel Cotto told Larry Merchant that he had fought some really good fighters like Zab Judah, Clottey, Mosley, and Margarito , but Manny is one of the all time greats!  We are really lucky to witness one of the legends of pugilism – pound for pound one of the greatest fighters in boxing history with Manny Pacman Pacquiao!  That’s 7 titles from 7 different weight classes folks! The most refreshing part of this story is that this man is of humble stature!
The next proposed fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr will be epic and money! This fight against Floyd will determine Pacquiao’s status of being an elite pugilist or one of immortal status! Sugar Shane Mosley is also waiting in the wings if he can get pass a tough young stud in Andre Berto!

–Mr. C

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